6 easy steps to overcome overwhelm

Hello friends!

Ever have those weeks where suddenly everything is on at once and you end up running around like a headless chicken non-stop? Mmm yeah me too, and waaay too often! It is a strange world we live in that sometimes the less time you actually have, the more you get done. But that being said, it can be hard not to let that feeling of overwhelm get the better of us when our schedules are chocka-block. Don’t you worry my friend, you are not alone in your little meltdowns and minor freak-outs, I’m the Queen of Crazytown.

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5 at-home workouts that don’t suck!

Hey friends.

It’s April already and I’m betting that some of you have let your ambitious 2017 health and fitness goals slide a little. But that’s okay because I totally have as well. However, I mentioned on Instagram that I just did something a little crazy and signed myself up to run a quarter marathon (sounds better than a 10k right?) So eep I gotta get training ASAP so I don’t die come race day which is fast approaching!

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What to do when you feel burnt-out

Hey friends!

I am sick. It started out with an unbearably sore throat on Thursday and come Sunday I was struggling to muster the energy to move out of bed. This is possibly the worse time to get sick, right in the midst of exam season. When I need focus, clarity and motivation, my head feels rather like it has been stuffed full of cotton wool balls. But I am hardly surprised that I am sick. It has been a long time coming really. Being sick is what happens when you are burnt-out. 

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