My favourite things this September

Hey friends!

I’ve been very quiet this week which I’ll talk about more in another post but basically my life got a little crazy. It’s funny how the end of the year always turns into this massive blur of activity. So much gets crammed into the last few months before Christmas that it leaves your head spinning. The most recent big event was my brother’s graduation this week which was really something.

The ceremony was one of the most painful experiences of my life and if you’ve ever sat through someone’s graduation then you can back me up on this. Let’s just say two and a half hours of boring speeches, screeching bagpipes and no food leaves you extremely cranky. 

I’m glad I don’t have any more siblings so I never have to sit through another one of those ceremonies again. Well except for my own next year but I shall be much more prepared for that one.

I’m thinking I’ll need a bigger purse so I can stuff it full of snacks and crossword puzzles.

Oh and earplugs for when the pipe organ plays because that makes me wanna shoot myself.

I did enjoy getting all dressed up and making my brother take a billion photos. You can make a person do the most ridiculous poses on their graduation day which was too much fun.

Now, let’s talk about what I’ve been loving this month…

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My favourite things this September:

Cold brew tea


I’m a huge fan of tea. I’ve got a tea collection that is bordering on insane and the boys in my flat have made a game of stacking all the boxes till they almost reach the ceiling. Which doesn’t sound like a game…until you wanna grab a teabag at seven in the morning and are forced to play a quick (and usually messy) game of tea jenga first. What fun.

Anyway, I discovered this awesome new invention which is…cold brewing teabags. So you can make iced tea/flavoured water without all the extra sugar.

I’ve started popping a teabag into my drink bottle and it’s definitely helping me to stick to my goal of drinking more water. #hydratehydratehydrate

Just make sure you don’t forget about the teabag for a week because that would be seriously disgusting to drink. I totally didn’t do that and almost vomit after drinking the icky water.

The Confessions Project


One of my lovely blogger friends Hanha started up this awesome project centered around encouraging and uplifting people with God’s truth about them. At the start of this month she enlisted the help of a bunch of other awesome bloggers to share their confessions and affirmations on their Instagram pages (check out mine.)

You can sign up for the Confessions Project right here which means you’ll be a part of the email squad. Each Monday you will receive a weekly devotional, a list of affirmations for you to speak over your life and a beautiful wallpaper for your phone (like the one above.)

I can’t wait for Monday now because I’ve made a little ritual out of changing my phone’s background. It’s nice to have something to look forward to. A fresh start calls for a fresh wallpaper don’t cha think? 

By the book

This is a new podcast I discovered and I’m a big fan now. It’s about two ladies who read a self help book each podcast and then live by the book (cue theme music) for two weeks to see how helpful the self help advice really is.

I love how candid and honest this podcast is. It’s really entertaining and gives you plenty of book suggestions which I’m all about. It’s kinda funny hearing all of the loopy things people write books about and some of the odd ways people live.

My favourite episode so far was Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

Funky printed photos


Being a blogger means I take a billion photos which is great because it means I capture a lot of memories. Most of the time my photos end up clogging up the space on my phone or stuck in a random folder on my computer somewhere but the other day I decided to get some of them printed.

I had the fun idea of taking them to my birthday party and getting the guests to sign them but then I realized I don’t have pictures of everyone so it wouldn’t work.

Anyway, I’m so happy with how they turned out. It’s like having my Insta-feed come to life.

I ordered my prints online through Printiki which I would totally recommend if you’re in the market for some photo prints. You can get them in different sizes and styles. I went for the plain jane square, glossy version but you can get them in the retro style so they look like polaroids too which is pretty cool. 

If you want free shipping, feel free to use my code- G2Y6T3PH

Ah I love online shopping.


Now tell me…

Are you a tea person too?

What’s one of your favourite podcasts?



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  1. I love printing photos! I got a Polaroid zip for my birthday this year and it’s so fun to be able to quickly print photos from my phone. Periodically I’ll order prints and it’s always so worth it 🙂

    Kylie <3 |

  2. I love that you’ve printed so many photos; I want to do some of that after our trip. It’s amazing how the camera enables us to capture so many of those memories. And I’ve gone to a couple of those graduation ceremonies that are really huge and they take 3-4 hours. I have to say that they’re pretty patience testing. O_O

    1. I love that we can capture memories through pictures. And I love that digital photos exist so we can easily delete the bad ones we take. Cameras are awesome.

  3. Haha, I felt so badly for all of my family who attended my graduation this year! 2+ hours of sitting outside in the sun in 90 degree heat. Ugh. Maybe I’ll conveniently be out of the country for my sister’s? jk… but maybe.

    I have been drinking tons of tea lately! Cinnamon spice, peppermint, “Evening in Missoula” (the weirdest but also best flavor ever) and ruby rose tea. I had no idea cold brewing tea was a thing but I think I need some of that for next summer!

    1. Ouch that sounds even more painful than my brother’s ceremony. At least we were inside and it wasn’t too hot or cold. Haha, I almost wanna just skip my own one but I don’t want to miss out on wearing a cap and gown.
      mmm cinnamon spice tea sounds wonderful. Cold brewing tea is such a great invention.

  4. I’ve never heard of the confessions project, so that is definitely something I will be looking into. I love tea – mostly iced. My favorite podcast right now is called My Favorite Murder. ✌🏻

    1. You will love The Confessions Project, it’s so encouraging. Iced tea is really good but the hot stuff will always be my favourite. Ooh that sounds like a spooky podcast!

  5. I’m definitely checking out that podcast. It’s sounds like reading a book review, but better!

    I also print out my photos (so old school) and rotate them out on a vision board type thing! There’s something so satisfying about it.

  6. Yup, both mine and my sister’s graduations are this upcoming May so not looking forward to sitting through those either.
    As someone who loves podcasts and self-help books, I will have to check By the Book out! Some of my go-to podcasts include Modern Love, Ladies Who Lunch and anything NPR (Planet Money, Hidden Brain, etc).
    Your pictures look awesome! Do you have any plans on how to display them in your room?

    1. Congrats on graduating soon, that is exciting! Oh yeah I like Ladies who lunch too. They have such great conversations.
      I’m thinking I’ll just string up those pictures along one of my walls.

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