The week in review

Hey friends!

This post was supposed to be up hours ago but I was in a bit of a funky mood and everything I wrote sounded off. You know when you have those days where you feel annoyed and don’t know why? Well when I get like that it affects my writing which in turn makes me even more annoyed because all I wanna do is write and I just can’t.

So I stepped away from my computer for a couple of hours, went and had brunch with my best friend and came back good as new. Avocado, coffee and playing on a see-saw will have that effect on you. If you ever get writer’s block, that’s the cure FYI.

Anyway here’s what has been happening in my world this week…

Monday: Pizza party for one…

I have become the laziest cook in the world. I used to absolutely love spending hours searching through cook books for new recipes. I used to take delight in the whole process of cooking…the pealing, chopping, stirring, seasoning etc but now I just can’t be bothered.

That’s what college does to you. You go in all naive and innocent, sustained by your mama’s cooking and come out the other side hangry and extremely grateful for the person who invented microwave meals and cup-a-soup.

Anyway, every now and then I decide to actually put some effort into my dinner and this week’s attempt was pizza. Except my yeast is really old so I found a recipe that used baking powder instead. Unfortunately however, baking powder just does not work the same.

So my pizza was very flat and very dense, kinda what I imagine it would be like to eat a football that’s been driven over by a car.

But I’m a firm believer that there is nothing cheese can’t fix. And pesto. Those two are superheros in the culinary world. 

Tuesday: Get crafty and fairy light hunting…

I started making some of the decorations for my birthday party and if you follow me on Instagram then you might have caught a little sneak peek of where I’m at so far.

I was a little ecstatic because it gave me an excuse to whip out the hot glue gun. Call me crazy, but there is something extremely therapeutic about using a hot glue gun.

I also went hunting for some fairy lights which was an absolute mission let me tell you. Apparently nobody buys fairy lights in September because none of the stores had anything remotely twinkly for sale. You can buy Easter eggs in February but you can’t buy fairy lights in September...what kind of world is this?

Wednesday: The mansion…

Okay I mentioned how I’m always snooping over people’s hedges when I go for a walk and this week I got caught out! (It was inevitable I suppose.)

We wanted to go check out the Eden gardens but you had to pay to get in and we weren’t keen enough for that so we parked the car and went for a walk around this random neighbourhood.

As it turned out, it was the very posh side of town because we found the biggest house I’ve ever seen. They had massive iron gates, a tennis court, a guest house and they even had those giant stone lions on the front lawn so you know it’s fancy. Nothing says ‘I’m-rich-and-I-don’t-care-who-knows-it’ like ginormous (useless) stone animals on your front lawn. 

So I was have looking through their massive iron gate (to see if they had some sort of stone zoo situation happening back there) when their neighbour drove up in his car. He gave me a bit of a look and drove on by while I pretended I wasn’t snooping on his neighbours. lol

Thursday: Trying new things…

The cousins had a catch up this week. There is an election happening in New Zealand at the moment so all conversations tend to head that direction. We managed to cover both of the topics you aren’t supposed to talk about with company- politics and religion. But it was all in good fun.

I was especially delighted with my coffee order because firstly, it was my first time trying and turmeric latte and it was absolutely delicious (10/10 would recommend) and secondly, it came in this funky glass.

Normally I HATE when cafes serve coffee in glasses because they burn your hands and it makes no sense since perfectly good mugs with handles exist. However, this glass was double layered so it looked cool AND you could drink it while it was still hot. Brilliant!

Friday: The park in the dark…

So my youth pastor had this “brilliant” idea to play a bunch of games in the park last night. As soon as I heard this idea I was immediately on edge because nothing about that sounded remotely fun to me. I hate organized sport activities. I hate being anywhere besides home after dark. I especially hate being in creepy parks after dark.

I was hesitant but I dutifully showed up to the park. I got out of my car and started walking towards the place we were meeting and I couldn’t see anyone. As I was walking I heard this tinny whistling music playing from the direction I was walking and I started to freak out. I was 100% certain this was how I was gonna die.

I got to the place we were supposed to be meeting and it was pitch black and nobody was there and the tinny music was still playing. Then I saw a dark figure coming towards me and I couldn’t take anymore. I gapped it back to my car and was off in a flash. I might be a wimp but at least I’m still alive.

So that was my week. ICYMI, here is what I posted about:

M x

Now tell me…

Are you afraid of walking around at night?

Have you tried a turmeric latte?

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  1. I used to not like the dark, although I’m not sure I still would really like playing games in the dark. I think you made a wise decision there, and also I LOVE your idea of pizza party for one. Some day I’d like to come to NZ and join you for a pizza party.

  2. I’ve never tried a turmeric latte. I tried a matcha latte recently and liked it! I do get nervous walking around at night. I wish it wasn’t that way! Also pizza party for one sounds perfect. 🙂

    1. Totally try the turmeric latte when you next get a chance, it’s great. I didn’t love the matcha latte I tried. It was really powdery. They might have just done a bad job of it though.
      It’s one of the sucky things about being a girl that we feel threatened walking alone a night. I wish it wasn’t the case.

  3. What happened?! You can’t stop the story there… were the games on or not? What was the music?
    I have to admit I’m not too much a fan of tumeric lattes – but I had a black sesame latte the other day and that was an interesting experience!

    1. Well that was actually the end of the story haha. I got into my car and drove off in a flash! I still don’t know if the games happened or not. I think it may have been cancelled and they forgot to tell me. Ooh I’ve never heard of a black sesame latte, that sounds really interesting!
      I saw a shop advertising a brown rice chai tea today…not sure how I feel about that one.

  4. Sorry to hear about the off feelings. Playgrounds are always the answer! I hung out at one the other day, read and went out the swing. Thankfully not too many kids around for me to start looking creepy.
    Ohmygoodness, I got the chills just reading that story of yours. I am a paranoid person in general so me alone + the dark isn’t an ideal situation either.

    1. Playgrounds ARE always the answer! I love feeling like a kid again. The swings are my personal favourite. Oh man it was very creepy being in the park in the dark. Would not recommend haha!

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