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Hey friends

So this post is for all you nosy people (like me.) I’m gonna take you behind the scenes where all of the magic happens. Today I wanna give you a sneaky peek of my room. I personally love reading these kinds of posts because I for one, love snooping on people’s business (no shame.) It’s the most fun seeing where people live/work, I think it says a lot about them. You can tell a lot about a someone’s personality by the pictures on their walls or the number of inspirational quotes on their mirror (eight but who’s counting?) 

And one of my favourite things is going for a walk and rubber-necking to try and see over people’s hedges. Okay that sounds bad but I just have a thing for pretty old houses and neat little gardens (the hedges are a little annoying though 😛 )

So as I was saying I love seeing behind the scenes and if you do too…then stick around. Because today mi casa es su casa…

Firstly I should make a little disclaimer that I actually cleaned my room five minutes before taking these photos because it was such a hideous mess. As in where-the-heck-is-the-floor kinda messy. But since you guys were coming to hang out I tidied it away all away (read: shoved everything under my bed.)

So welcome to my room…

The first thing you should notice is the delightful shade of blue the walls are. When my parents painted our house they let us pick the colour of our bedroom and I went with the same neutral (i.e boring) beige the rest of our house is painted in and I regretted for my entire teen years.

So I was delighted to find the bedroom in my flat had fun colours painted on the walls. Don’t look too close though or you’ll see the awful job they did painting over the wallpaper and how the corners aren’t straight. I try not to think about it or the perfectionist in me will scream.


This is my desk which is where the magic really does happen. It’s organized chaos but I kinda love it.

Top tip: If you are looking for a desk to furnish your study or bedroom, I highly recommend getting a corner one. They are big so there is plenty of room to splay out all of your papers/laptop/used coffee mugs. Just make sure you measure the room before buying one so you know it will fit!

Also, please observe my lovely pin-boards which are the real life, old school, before-Pinterest-existed way of keeping all of your notes and knick knacks organized. It’s a wonderful system.

My childhood bedroom was really cutesy and floral so I decided that when I left for college I should pick a more “grown-up” theme for my dorm room and somehow grown-up translated as nautical in my mind.

I also found this stripey duvet at Bed, Bath and Beyond which I was obsessed with so the nautical theme kinda took off after that.

I made the little cushion myself because if there is one thing I learnt in sewing class, it’s how to make a damn fine cushion cover #wifeme.

Other bloggers I’ve seen sharing house tours always link up where they found all of their decor but unfortunately I tend to shop at secondhand stores so I couldn’t tell you where to find my pretty mirror.

I LOVE secondhand furniture because firstly, how cool is it that you get to give it another home and another chance at being used and secondly, I love thinking about all of the history behind the item I bought. Who knows where it’s been and who it’s belonged too.

Fun fact: I bought this mirror for $5. It was originally this dark brown colour and was all chipped and grotty. I gave it a few coats of white paint and it looked as good as new!


Another secondhand store success story (phew that’s some alliteration) is my bookshelf. I found it for $6 and it was in pretty good shape. It was the most unfortunate shade of yellow I have ever seen however so that had to be fixed ASAP.

But as you can see, even though I’ve got a perfectly good bookshelf my bedside table always ends up cluttered with books. I have this terrible habit of starting multiple books at once and so the stack is ever-expanding.

My bedside table is almost always covered in sticky notes because I keep a notepad there for when inspiration strikes in the middle of the night (which it does often apparently.)

Finally, this is the part of my wardrobe that was the most tidy and just so happens to be my favourite part (because SHOES!)

Last year I found this shoe rack which makes me so happy. I’m a bit of an organizational freak so a little part of me jumps for joy at the sight of my shoes all neatly stacked like that (emphasis on the word freak clearly.)

I have a shoe obsession and this became glaringly obvious when I managed to fill up the whole rack and still have some pairs left hanging around. I hope someday to marry a rich man and have a walk-in wardrobe like Mr Big built Carrie Bradshaw. Ah, a girl can dream.

A girl can never have too many shoes or too much sass. Click To Tweet

So that my friends, is my room. It’s not much, but it’s very me. What do you think?

M x

Now tell me…

Do you have a theme for your bedroom? 

What’s something you’d have in your dream room?



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  1. I love behind-the-scenes like this too, Megan!
    Your room is so charming! It’s nice to see where all the blogging stuff happens…I have a desk set up in my bedroom for the same purpose.

    I guess my theme for my room currently is “earthy minimalist.” haha
    I have a lot of neutral/earth tones with a few pops of greenery and turquoise here and there. And twinkle lights. Twinkle lights are always good. 🙂

    1. Ah thanks 🙂 I’d kinda love an office space so I didn’t work in the same room I sleep in but obviously as a student I can’t afford an extra room.
      Earthy minimalist totally sounds like you. I NEED twinkle lights. My room is desperately lacking them right now.

  2. How cute! I love these type posts! I want to do a home tour, buuuuut I haven’t had time to take photos lol. I definitely need a desk for blogging. My husband and I have an office room, and are wanting to get a desk we can both use! We have 2 dressers in our room so no room for a desk there! lol

    1. I’d love to see a tour of your house! I’m imagining it all cute and southern looking. I would definitely recommend a corner desk if you can find one. I love having all the space!

      1. Aw thanks! My house is actually a mix between modern and country-ish style! Modern is my fave!! I definitely would love a corner desk, but the room that our office is in, has a huge fireplace on one wall so we have to get a different one! 😂

  3. I think the nautical theme really suits you. Love how you tie in the shell M hanging on your door with the theme too. 🙂
    The post-it note thing sounds like a good idea for those mid-night realizations. And oh my! All those shoes! Do you have a (current) favorite pair?
    Many people are surprised to learn how cluttered my room is for how organized/put together I seem in general. Hmm, so I think in my dream room, instead of a specific item, I’d rather just have more neatness in there!

    1. Thaaaanks. I think it works pretty well too. You should totally stick a pad of post-its beside your bed, you’ll be surprised how often you use them! ah asking me to pick my favourite shoes is like asking a mum to pick her favourite child! Although…at the moment I’d say my tan boots are my fave. They are so comfy and keep the rain off my feet and it’s been raining a lot lately.

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