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Hello friends!

I hope you are having a great week thus far. This past weekend I went to this ‘Day in France‘ market that was happening. It was mostly food stalls which I was not complaining about. The French know their food. I have two words for you my friend, mini croissants. We also bought these grilled cheese sandwiches that were to-die-for.

I shared a few shots on Instagram but today you are about to be blessed with the rest of them. I’m also sharing all of my favourite links from around the web this month.


I am a firm believer in the power of a good movie to get you through *almost* any crisis. I’ve mentioned it a billion times before but I’m about to graduate college so my biggest struggle currently is figuring out what to do next…cue quarter life crisis.

I LOVE this round-up of movies that are exactly what you need to get through the twenty-something years.

So Taylor Swift’s latest single has caused all sorts of raucous this week hasn’t it? I’m kinda a little sick of hearing about it tbh. BUT, I love that it inspired this post, because it’s such a goodie. Sometimes us twenty-somethings do some stupid stuff…so let’s have a laugh about it together.

The cool thing about life is that we never stop learning. When I was younger I figured that I’d reach a point where I just knew everything I needed to know about life and I’d basically be killing it…but apparently that’s not how it works. Adulthood looks more like fumbling around (Googling how to do stuff) and eventually getting the job done.

monthly-must-reads | Auckland blogger

Do you ever get that feeling that you are doing this all wrong? Like maybe you over-slept and missed the lecture on adulting that everyone else went to?

Cause yep, I sure do. But you know what…you’re doing just fine and here’s how I know.

Self care:

I’ve always thought that self love meant that you were completely happy with 100% of who you are and didn’t want to change a thing. But after reading this post I realized that I might have been wrong. Those imperfections and weaknesses we see in ourselves, those are opportunities we can take to become better.

The goal isn’t perfection…it’s respect.


One of my goals this month is to up my make-up game, but the one thing that has always prevented any progress is trying to figure out what the heck all of those damn brushes are for.

I’ve always found it completely overwhelming trying to follow any tutorial video, so if you feel the same way then you need this post in your life. Taylor breaks it all down for us perfectly. Bless her heart.


One of my favourite things in the world is making people feel special so this post totally speaks to my heart. These ideas are super simple and are sure to put a smile on someone’s dial 🙂

Have you ever stopped and counted how many times you apologize in a day? Cause I have and it’s pretty shocking! Why do we allow ourselves to feel like an inconvience and a waste of space?

If you are a serial “sorry sayer” then check out this post and see what you should be saying instead…


It’s one thing to talk about your faith…it’s a whole other thing to live it out. I don’t know about you but I talk a whole lotta talk about trusting God but then I try to control everything. I don’t like God’s timing or plans…I wanna do it MY way.

Except my way never works because clearly I don’t have a heavenly perspective. Better leave it up to God…

I am very emotional and if you’re a lady then I bet you’ve had that label slapped on you at least once in your life too. So how do we live with a heart deeply rooted in God instead of flitting around on our unsteady emotions?

For the laughs:

If you have never seen Plizzanet Earth then you are in for a treat. Snoop Dogg narrates this video about baboons (which he calls Bamboons, bless.) Kills me every time. Also I fully relate to these poor guys because I hate getting my feet wet, just like the baboons in the video.

Megan’s moment:

Do you have anyone in your life who makes you feel completely inferior? Like they are a way better wife/friend/cook/dancer than you and whenever you are with them you feel really, really small?

There is this girl I know who makes me feel like that.

She is the loveliest person you could ever meet. A real-life Disney Princess. She’s friendly, kind, pretty and kids love her and she smells like candyfloss and birds spontaneous burst into song when she walks into a room (and I’m getting carried away here.) But I when I see her, I see all the things that I am NOT.

And I began to feel like maybe I should be more like her.

But then God kinda knocked me over the head with this thought…maybe I need to be like me. Maybe He made me this way for a reason. Maybe I was created like this for a purpose. What if trying to be someone else means I can’t fulfill that purpose?

That’s one terrifying and exhilarating thought.

So I might not have the shiniest hair, the loudest voice or the wittiest humour…but I’m me. And on the plus side…I’ve got no competition, because I’m already the best at it. 😉

M x

Now tell me…

What was your favourite thing about August? 

Did you like any of these posts?


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    1. Oh my goodness thank you so much for that post. I’ve been loving your tutorial videos btw. I love that your make up has a more natural look and it feels more manageable for a newbie like me to follow along with.

  1. Yoooo girl thanks for linking to my blog post! And I bet that one girl you’re talking about wishes she could be as awesome as you, homie!

  2. I just love your blog so much, Megan! 🙂 You always write such encouraging and relatable messages that I need to hear.
    Favorite line: “I’ve got no competition, because I’m already the best at it.” So perfect. So needed.
    I definitely have had people in my life who make me feel…just downright inadequate. And blah. And a whole bunch of other adjectives. I think the older I get, the more I understand that it’s so necessary for all of us to just do “us”. Not worry about what that other person has going on in their life. If it doesn’t make you happy (comparing yourself to someone else), then STOP DOING IT. This is a lesson I have to keep relearning. 🙂

    And oh wow…thank you for featuring me in this list! Now I’m off to go check out some of these other amazing blogs!

    1. Thanks Bria that means so much. I so appreciate your encouragement, it always finds me when I’m feeling very blah about writing. I think that’s one of the coolest things about getting older- caring less about what people think of you. That’s what Oprah was saying in her book (so good btw) and it makes me kinda feel excited and happy to be growing older.
      I hope you enjoyed some of these other posts too.
      I totally would have included your introverts post but I’m gonna have to save that for another month. 😉 I loved it so much.

  3. Megan, I love your talk about insecurities, because I have those exact same ones. Yet we’ve been learning about the body of Christ and just how God created each individual part for a reason and for a special reason. Each part is ABSOLUTELY essential, and we can’t operate as a body of Christ without your gifts. It’s so beautiful when you use those gifts and someone else uses their gifts.

    And I love that reminder of not following your feelings; I’ve been really struggling with that the past few weeks, and I need to go read that blog post.

    1. That is one of my favourite bible verses- the bit about us being one body but many parts. I love that God made us so individual ad unique but that we fit together for his greater purpose. I hope you enjoyed that post about feelings! <3

  4. I’m definitely a serial sorry sayer, so I needed that post! My favorite part of August was probably visiting Yosemite last weekend. I really needed to get out of the apartment and see somewhere beautiful!

    1. Same same. Now it has been brought to my attention I’ve realized just how much I say sorry when it isn’t necessary too! So that is something I’m working on. I’m so jealous of your trip to Yosemite, it looked beautiful!

  5. Your links are always on point!
    I’m making a plan to watch more movies so definitely taking note of all those quarter-life crisis ones. And as someone who struggles with make-up (100% agree with you that it’s overwhelming), pinning that brush breakdown for later!

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