My favourite feel good movies for when you need a pick-me-up


Hey friends!

How you doin’? I’m pretty darn happy that it’s Friday if I’m honest. This week has been a little bit of a roller coaster let me tell ya. The other night I got home and had a little blub-fest because I felt completely overwhelmed. You know how it’s just one thing after another and you can’t handle it all and before you know it you are crying with your face in a tub of ice cream? That’s about where I was at on Wednesday night.

And you know in times like these what you really need is a comforting, feel good movie, am I right?

Because nothing makes you feel better than a cheesy classic that you’ve watched so many times you can quote it in your everyday life.

I don’t know why it is, but movies have this way of making you feel like everything is right with the world. No matter how bad the day, date or haircut is…the answer is always a movie.

But not just ANY movie obviously. You won’t catch me within ten ft of a horror movie. I value my sleep far too much for that. No, what you need is a feel good movie. One that induces warm fuzzies and reminds you that tomorrow is a new day, you’ll find the love of your life some day, your hair will grow back eventually (and you can wear cute hats in the meantime.)

So today I’m gonna share my all time favourite feel good movies so that next time you have a bad day you know exactly what you should watch.

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My favourite feel good movies:

Life is beautiful

The sign of a good movie is when it sticks with you for days after you watch it. I cried when I first watched Life is beautiful and I couldn’t stop thinking about how incredible it was.

It’s a story of a Jewish family in WW2 who end up in a concentration camp. And if you hate war movies then don’t worry, I do too but this one is different. It’s funny and sweet and will make you think about how precious life is. It’s also a wonderful reminder of how powerful a little bit of positivity can be.

Oh and did I mention it is all in Italian? You would think that would be annoying, but it makes me love it even more.

Bellissima principessa!

To watch when… you need to be reminded about the beauty of life.


This movie is the original Mean Girls. It has so many classic lines. I cannot even begin to express how much I love it. The story is about Cher, a bit of a spoiled rich girl and her group of snobby friends trying to survive high school. Poor Cher is hopelessly naive and her confusion around love/relationships is totally relatable.  I also completely relate to her inability to park or drive.

To watch when… you feel like a bit of a hot mess with a great fashion sense.

Ferris Bueller’s day off  

This movie kinda reminds me of Home Alone. It’s about a guy skipping school and having the time of his life doing it. He’s totally sneaky and somehow manages to convince his mum that he is sick and he has all sorts of tricks up his sleeve to make sure he doesn’t get caught. I wish I was this crafty in high school. 

To watch when… you are sick of school/college/work and just really want a day off.

Notting Hill

There is so much to love about this movie. The characters are perfect. Julia Roberts is just amazing. Hugh Grant is so dorky it’s adorable. Then there is Spike, his nutty roommate who you cannot help but love. And FYI this movie is where that quote, “I’m just a boy standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him,” comes from. Awww. 

To watch when… you need a laugh.

Legally blonde  

I 100% relate to Elle Woods because I feel like I’m very pink and floofy too. I also tend to be eternally optimistic with a never-ending supply of motivation to spout at others. Sometimes I feel like people don’t take me seriously and I also LOVE shoes. See, we are one and the same. 

To watch when… you feel like life is TOO hard or you can’t do something.


My parents showed me Grease when I was a little girl and I was hooked. Those songs are so gosh darn catchy. You know, I’ve never really understood the Hairspray obsession because there is only room for one 60’s musical in my heart. 

Sometimes you just really need a musical movie so you can belt out the songs and hand-jive till your heart is content.

To watch when… you need a good sing-a-long

Love Actually

We watch this one every single year around Christmas time and it just never gets old. There are so many brilliant actors/actresses in it. My personal favourite is Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr Bean) his little bit kills me every time. I’ve never seen such excessive gift-wrapping in my whole life.

This movie is also such a great reminder that love is everywhere!

To watch when… you feel unlucky in love.

When Harry met Sally

This movie attempts to answer that impossible question: can men and women be ‘just friends?’

I just watched this the other day for the very first time and it was an instant winner. It’s so funny and cute. And tbh, I’m totally jealous of Meg Ryan because she has the most gorgeous hair. This is the kind of rom-com that even guys will enjoy. 

To watch when… you’re mad at a boy. 

Bridget Jones’ diary 

First of all…Colin Firth, yes please. Second, I am a real-life Bridget Jones. She’s so awkward and clumsy. She’s always saying the wrong things and getting herself into uncomfortable situations. And she has the most terrible luck with men. Tick, tick aaaaand tick.

Bridget Jones says what we are all thinking and will make you feel so much better about yourself. However bad your day was, I’m sure Bridget has had worse. 

To watch when… you feel like nothing’s going your way.

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Pop the popcorn and you’ll feel A-okay in no time.

M x

Now tell me…

Have you seen any of these movies?

What are your favourite feel good movies?

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  1. I haven’t seen any of these movies, but I have to say that I really love a movie called ‘Home Alone’ for the laughter it brings, ‘Homeward Bound’ because it’s about animals and I love animals, and I love the Lord of the Rings as an inspirational film!

  2. These are literally the best movies! Life is beautiful is a movie I just finish once. It’s just too sad and I can’t keep watching. Legally Blonde is my go-to movie to feel empowered. Elle Wood have this way to make me feel so capable!

    Love your list!

    1. It is a sad movie but I still found it worth the watch. Elle Woods is such a girl boss…I love her. She would be such a fun person to be friends with.

  3. I also watch Love Actually every year around Christmas time! I love many of these, it’s a great list!:) I would also add any Disney movie!!☺️☺️Thanks for sharing!

  4. I’ve seen Clueless, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Love Actually! I’m kinda impressed with myself seeing as I hardly watch movies, haha 😛 But rom coms are my fav! My favorite rom com of all time is The Holiday.

    1. That is impressive! Those are such great movies haha. I have seen the Holiday, maybe I can’t remember it very well but I don’t think it was my absolute favourite.

  5. Totally agree with Love Actually! Such a good pick-me-up. My husband and I watched Mean Girls last night, and I found myself cracking up even though I’ve seen the movie so many times and practically have it memorized.

  6. I’m such a sucker for When Harry Met Sally, and basically any classic Meg Ryan Movies…Sleepless in Seattle, You’ve Got Mail, Kate and Leopold. Love a good pick-me-up movie!

  7. There’s a bunch on this list I haven’t seen–bookmarking for later! As a musician, you can’t go wrong with That Thing You Do. Definitely a feel-good watch.

    1. Oh well you must watch all of these that you haven’t seen! I’ve never heard of That thing you do, but if it’s a feel good movie then I’m all about it! x

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