The week in review

Hey friends!

This has been quite a week. To be honest I’m still not recovered from the Bachelorette finale which was just so depressing. I was Team Peter all the way and it has upset me way more than it should that she picked Bryan. This is my problem: I get way too invested in TV shows. It feels like my heart gets broken, like I’m the one who’s getting rejected every time. And then I feel all mopey and depressed and in need of ice cream to soothe the heartbreak that someone’s feeling. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen Ross and Rachel break up…it still kills me (because he’s her lobster obviously!)

But anyway, there was a whole lot more that happened this week besides the Bachelorette finale so let’s talk about that…

Monday: Old friends…

I caught up with a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen in ages (this feels like the story of adulthood.) It’s so much fun catching up with people from high school and seeing what they are up to now. I always struggle though with trying to condense the past three years of my life into a snappy response when they ask what I’ve been up to.

But the best thing is, she lent me a book of Oprah’s which I am absolutely loving. Firstly, aren’t friends who lend you books just the best?

Secondly, I was never a huge Oprah fan cause I guess she was a bit before my time but now I’ve got a huge girl crush on her. She’s amazing. This probably won’t be the last time you hear me gushing about her. 

Thirdly, would you take a look at the beautiful coffee I ordered…

Tuesday: Pub quiz…

I got roped into joining a pub quiz on Tuesday night which was a bit of a laugh.

I have possibly the WORST general knowledge ever so I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to quizzes. I feel like where I excel are the questions that come directly from gossip magazines. So I know all of the Royal babies names, titles and favourite colours (okay that last one’s a lie.) But give me a question on history, sport or geography and I tank.

I was extremely proud of myself however because my obsession with Friends and the copious amount of time I’ve spent marathoning it over the years finally came to good use. There was one Friends question and I nailed it like the crazy fan I am.

Wednesday: Nature’s party…

We have these unbelievably beautiful trees down our street and every year a little before spring begins they burst to life. Their branches are covered in juicy blossoms and they litter the pavement with pretty pink confetti.

Oh and with the brilliant blossoms comes the cheerful little birds who chirp away all day.

It brings such joy to my heart. Nobody knows how to throw a party like Mother Nature.

Thursday: Pride and Prejudice…

It pains me to say it but up until now my brother had never watched Pride and Prejudice…arguably my all time favourite movie. Obviously this situation had to be amended immediately so we made a deal. I’ll watch The Lord of the Rings movies if he watches Pride and Prejudice.

And this week I got my full fix of My Darcy. #blessed

I’m an easy girl to please. Just give me a tub of Pringles and six hours of Colin Firth and I’m content. And while we are on the subject…Colin Firth is the only Mr Darcy in my eyes. He’s got that smolder just right.

Friday: Cooking up a storm…

The youth at church had a Masterchef cooking challenge last night. Each team had a limited time and limited budget and were assigned a mystery ingredient which they had to incorporate into a three course menu.

We then had to hurtle down to the supermarket, shop for all the ingredients, prepare and cook the meal and plate it up all pretty. My girls made guacamole (bless), beef stir-fry and chocolate/orange brownie in a mug (double bless.)

It was such fun seeing what everyone came up with. Some of the boys made mussels which was very fancy but made me very relieved that I didn’t have to be a judge…bleugh.

It was quite the competition but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that we had fun…(and also that my girls won.)

That was my week. ICYMI, here is what I posted about this week:

M x

Now tell me…

Have you watched Pride and Prejudice?

Are you any good at quizzes?

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  1. Team Peter all the way too!!! Do you think he’ll end up being the new Bachelor?
    I love meeting up with high school friends and picking up where we left off, catching up, feeling like nothing has changed though everything has.
    I’ve read but have not watched Pride & Prejudice. 😳 I know, I know. I can hear you gasping from across the oceans between us. My friend and I have been meaning to watch it together too. So, is the Colin Firth one the only one worth watching? 😝
    Enjoy your week ahead, Megan!

    1. Yes girl! I feel like Peter might be too real to be the Bachelor. He seems to prefer taking it slow and that show goes waaaay too fast. But who knows…I’d definitely watch it if he was! I AM gasping that you haven’t read P&P…Kaylee that needs to happen ASAP.
      Colin Firth’s version is the only one to watch haha

  2. Oh boy, don’t get me started about getting invested in TV shows. You and I would be a wonderful pair, because I am sooo emotionally invested in TV shows that I like. I really get connected with the characters, and yes, I’ve even found myself crying or talking to the characters while watching it. O_O

    Also, I am not good at quizzes. I always kind of shatter under the pressure.

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