Are you sick of hustling hard and getting nowhere?


Hey friends!

Wanna know a little secret? I’m currently writing this post in my biology lab, on the back of my lab manual, in pencil so I can erase it before I hand my worksheet in later. I know, I know, I’m the worst student ever but this little confession ties in perfectly with today’s post. See, I’ve realized something recently which is this: I have a real issue with letting myself slow down. I’ve been hustling hard and it’s wearing me down.

I’m a go-getter, a goal-setter and a make-it-happen kind of gal. That’s all fun and games until you’re spinning so fast on your hamster wheel that you just CAN’T stop. And that my friends, is a one stop track to burnout.

I’m sick of hustling hard and getting nowhere.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about, because maybe you feel it too.

The frustration of being stuck somewhere- in traffic, in class, in an excruciatingly boring meeting- and ‘wasting’ time. The pressure to be productive with every second of your day. The irritation of facing a setback or hurdle when you are reaching for your goals.

hustling hard

And you know what…I don’t think it’s our fault.

We are constantly being bombarded with these messages to work now, sleep (and cry) later, be a GIRL BOSS, make it happen etc etc. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a brilliant thing to have goals and big dreams. I admire anyone and everyone who strives to be a better person. But, this go-go-go attitude is a problem when it causes you miss out on life.

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Because now my time feels scarce. Every minute is costing me. And I can see this destructive mindset starting to takeover. I can’t sit still anymore. I can’t just BE, I’ve got be be doing something and telling someone about it (maybe that’s just a blogger thing?)

When I’m waiting in line at the checkout, I could be editing photos for a blog post.

When the traffic is slow on the motorway, I could be researching for my assignment.

When I’m just sitting talking to a friend, I’ve got my to-do list scrolling through my head.  


It feels like I need to be on the go 24/7, and even my ‘self care’ becomes another task on my list. Like I NEED to paint my nails, then do yoga and then read for twenty minutes. The things that are supposed to be fun have become goals that I need to achieve.

Is anyone else seeing a problem here?

When did the task of writing in my journal become a measure of how successful my day was?

Why do I only feel satisfied when I’ve posted a photo for the day on Instagram?

So here’s the deal…I’m sick of hustling hard and getting nowhere and I’ve decided what I’m gonna do about it.


My antidotes to the ‘hustle harder’ mindset:

Be silly…

Embrace your inner child and let go. Laugh loudly and spontaneously. Why walk when you can run? (or better yet…skip!) Draw, doodle and finger paint. Make a mess and smile while you’re doing it.

Stop taking yourself so seriously. You are not too busy to laugh at someone’s joke.

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Be present…

That means enjoying this moment that you are in. Breathe deeply and appreciate all that you have and all that you are.

Unplug from all distractions, commitments and negativity. Get away from technology for an hour, a minute or just a few seconds.  Find someplace peaceful and relax there. Don’t photograph/share/document the moment. Be selfish with the experience. Keep it all for you.

Do nothing…

Resist the temptation to fill your schedule. Fight the urge to scroll mindlessly on your phone.

Take time off to just BE. Relieve yourself of any pressure to perform, impress or improve. Just be content in where you are at this moment.

And if you want to fill this time with something then let it be because you WANT to, not because you feel obliged to. Read, cook, sing, dance…simply for the joy of it.

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So here’s what I think, it’s not that hustling is bad per se. It’s just maybe we need to change our mindset when it comes to doing it all.

Maybe we need to give ourselves a break. Maybe we need to embrace the fact that life is messy and we simply cannot be productive all the time (we are humans not machines after all.)

Maybe after all, we don’t need to be hustling harder…we need to be hustling in moderation. It’s not as catchy but a whole lot more realistic IMO.

Because in the end, what matters most are not the number of ticks on our to-do list, the number of followers on our Instagram or the number of dollars in our bank account…it’s the love we shared, the joy we experienced and the memories we treasure.  

Pin this if you need a little reminder:

Are you sick of hustling hard and getting nowhere? Being a goal setting, go-getter myself, I totally understand the drain of always trying to be the best. I'm tired of having to be productive every minute of every day. I think we all just need to slow down a little.


M x

Now tell me…

Do you ever feel sick of the hustle?

When was the last time you ‘unplugged’ from social media?


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  1. I totally get sick of the hustle. I love the blog and the learning and the job and the and the and the…. but sometimes a girl just needs a NAP!

    I started getting literal stress headaches when I was dealing with people who weren’t getting to the point of their story because it was wasting my time… so messed up.

    Now I book my “non hustle” time, which is actually helpful! I go to the gym, or have drinks with the mister, something where I can just be me and unwind. Also SLEEP!

    Totally relate to this post
    Laura @

    1. Ha I totally feel ya. I need a nap right now tbh.
      You get to the point where you realize that you are missing out on life because of trying to go-go-go all the time! That’s a great idea, actually booking in that time of rest. Thanks for reading Laura.

  2. Do you get inside my head? 😀 I am so guilty of the ‘I need to be doing something every second, every moment.’ It’s hard for me to nap because of that, but I NEED to rest and enjoy the moments God gave me without feeling like I have to take a picture or like I HAVE to do it. I want to be more spontaneous and less driven by the hustle.

    1. Haha 🙂 I find it so tricky to switch off at night and go to sleep too! Always a million thoughts racing around in my head. I hope you are learning to slow down and rest a bit more.

  3. Omg. You have no idea how much I needed this post today. I’ve felt so much guilt and shame recently with feeling like I’m getting “no where,” and busting my a** off. Thanks for the encouragement. I feel like you just get me!

    1. Well I’m so glad you read this post! You totally do NOT need to feel guilty about your progress even if it might feel slow. Just keep doing your thang girl. You are awesome!

  4. LOVE this post. Oh my gosh. Seriously so me. I have had to train myself to relax and breathe. Otherwise, I just hustle myself into the ground! There’s a time for hustle, but there’s also a time to breathe.

  5. I love this so much! You totally described me and it’s something I’ve been so cognizant of this summer. I love the idea of hustling in moderation. Like you said, it might not be as catchy, but it’s more realistic and it’s a healthier approach.

  6. It sounds like you were describing me! Even when I’m cooking dinner or doing dishes, I am thinking about what I should be doing for my blog! It’s so hard to slow down, but you’re right, it is necessary.

    1. It is really frustrating feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere. But yeah we really do need to not take ourselves too seriously and remember to actually enjoy life too!

    1. Sometimes it just takes time for us to see results from our hard work. I really hope you see those results soon! Don’t be discouraged…you’ll get there if you keep on going.

  7. PREACH! I recently was talking to one of my blog friends and saying how discouraged I was that I was nowhere close to hitting some of my goals and she really put it into perspective for me and gave me different kinds of goals to work for. Instead of focusing on numbers, she encouraged me to focus on meeting a blog friend in real life follower sending a message to a follower. Those are the kinds of goals that are worth reaching and it relieved a lot of my hustle-pressure I was feeling!

    1. I LOVE that. Thanks for sharing that with me. I’m gonna add those sorts of goals to my list for next month. Because at the end of the day, connecting and building a community is what we are all about!

  8. Yes! I feel the same way! So stuck in hustle mode. But then what happens (and I’m here right now) is that I burn out to the point that for weeks, I can barely force myself to do anything at all. I will be super lazy when I do have time because I am stuck in a mental and emotional rut! It’s a vicious cycle, and I think your tips are a great way to help remedy that!

    1. Oh no I’m sorry you are feeling burnt out right now. I hope you find rest. Sometimes we just need to be lazy and force ourselves to stop hustling 24/7. The blog will still be there tomorrow.

  9. YES! I’m working full time, going to grad school, and blogging and I feel like all of this work is going nowhere. It’s super hard and discouraging. As much as I know it would hurt my stats, I’m taking a minor blogging break for the next few weeks and just focusing on writing for fun because that usually reminds me not to take it too seriously.

    1. Woah you must be crazy busy! Good on you for taking a break from blogging. It is so worth it to take that time off to rest. Sometimes I need that time to remember why I am writing anyway…like you said, for FUN.

  10. Lovelovelooooooove this post, Megan! So much truth! I even talked about something similar in my happenings post today. About how I have so many plans for the blog but I am not yet in a position to take it where I want it to go and that’s okay! Great things take time and dedication, and it’s okay! Writing is amazing, but there are other things in life we need to focus on too. It’s all about balance!

  11. I so needed this! I’ve been on the fence about hiring a new employee, since past outsourcing attempts have been roughhhh – but i really need to just find the right people and stop wasting my time

  12. being present is HUGE for me. I still struggle with that. I have the to-do list running through my head or worries about the past/future. It’s a daily work in progress to be mindful!

  13. I’m definitely getting sick of the hustle. I’ve gotten to the point where I practically forget how to just relax and BE. I’m working on changing my mindset, being more mindful in general, and trying to get better organized so I can work smarter, not harder. Balance is something I’ve struggled with for the last few years, but I’m still working on it, and hopefully one of these days it’ll come naturally! Great post. 🙂

    1. Working smarter not harder is key! Don’t you worry though, I don’t think any of us have really got this balance thing figured out yet. It’s always a work in progress. It’s always nice to know that we aren’t alone though isn’t it?

  14. This resonates so much with me. I always have to be ‘doing’ something or feel like I’m making good use of my time but I’m trying to learn to take a chill pill and be able to NOT do anything (which is really hard..I can’t even watch a movie without feeling like I’m wasting time). Remembering to be in the present moment and taking deep breaths to bring myself back have really helped.

  15. I had to stop reading this a few paragraphs in because I could relate TOO much. 2017 has made me realize how burnt out I feel because of the hustling on and on and on… I am exhausted of looking towards the future. Of never stopping even when I am ‘relaxing’ (yup, I’m there with ya–when painting my nails becomes a chore). Here’s to hustling less! 🙂

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