13 MORE small adulting wins you should be celebrating

Hey friends!

You know what I think? I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit for all the little things we accomplish each day. I think we tend to be a little too hard on ourselves. Sure we might not have gone for a run (again) or maybe we didn’t get around to taking out the trash but hey, we got out of bed and gave it our best and I think that’s a win in and of itself.

A little while ago I wrote a post on 13 small adulting wins we should be celebrating and I thought it was about time I wrote another.

My friend Rubi was talking the other day about how awesome it was as a kid when you would get rewarded for doing the simplest of tasks. Like congrats you tied your shoelaces…have a lollipop. Well done for not screaming in the supermarket…here’s a sticker. Good on you for eating your broccoli…let’s get ice cream.

Wasn’t that the best though?

Nowadays, we’ve got nobody clapping for us when we do really hard things. Being an adult can be a bit of a bore sometimes and I think we need to start celebrating those little achievements with a well deserved pat on the back and high fives all around.

So if you’ve achieved any of these adulting wins…go on and #treatyoself, I’m thinking a big ol’ bowl of ice cream is in order but I wouldn’t be opposed to donuts, new stationery or just a nap tbh.

When you were a kid you would get congratulated for accomplishing the simplest of tasks. Somehow as we become adults we stop celebrating the simple things and life becomes a little dull. So here's to all the small adulting wins that we achieve each day, let's celebrate them together.

13 MORE small adulting wins you should be celebrating:

Not having something decomposing in your fridge.

Because let’s be real the fridge is where things go to die. We buy these bags of spinach and tubs of hummus and slap them in the fridge only to forget they were ever purchased until we notice a strange smell every time we open the fridge door.

I consider it a very good week if I don’t have to throw out some inconspicuous sludge in a container at the back of the fridge.

Having batteries in all your clocks.  

We’ve got a clock in our living room that ran out of batteries about a year ago and it’s been just sitting there fulfilling absolutely no purpose. Clearly we are not winning on this one. 

But if you have perfectly functioning clocks and alarms…go you. Even better if you have set them 5 minutes early so that you are never late anywhere.


Avoiding the petrol light on your car.

There are two types of people in the world: those that live their life on the edge and wait until their tank is completely empty and those who drive around in an anxious tizz the second their petrol light comes on.

Actually, there is also hidden option c) real adults who make sure their car never runs out of gas and fill up before the petrol light flicks on.

Remembering to wash your sheets frequently.

I always have the best of intentions to wash my sheets every week but somehow I tend to let this slide a little more often than I am proud to admit.

The thing is, making my bed is literally my LEAST favourite of all the chores. I’d rather clean that gross hair-trap thingy in the shower than change my sheets.

It’s something about never getting the corners to lie down flat and the struggle of trying to slip the duvet back into it’s cover when the corners just don’t match up. I always end up a sweaty, irritated mess.

Not spazzing when you talk to someone attractive.

Please tell me I’m not the only one whose brain shuts down in these circumstances. It is the most painful flaw in my character. 

When I’m driving by myself I have never ending topics of conversation on my mind. I am the wittiest human being that ever existed. But the second I’m sat talking to cutie with the dimples my mind is blanker than a new notebook and I gob like a goldfish.

Being patient enough to wait for your nail polish to dry before doing something.

I have learnt that the secret to a good manicure to not using your hands for a decent length of time after painting your nails. That and actually doing a proper job of it: using base coat, top coat and all that jazz.

Non-chipped nails are the sign of person who has their ish together.

Going a week without your face breaking out.

Okay so this one isn’t 100% within your control but I still think it is something to celebrate.

Do you remember when we thought that after puberty our skin would be clear and perfect all the time…hahaha what a joke. I’m just grateful for concealer and knitted hats which can hide a multitude of sins. 

Making a complicated dish. 

Is there anything more satisfying than conquering a dish that would make Gordon Ramsey proud?

Nope. Because not only did you create a masterpiece…you also get to eat it. Edible art, that’s where it’s at.

Navigating somewhere without using your GPS.

Confession: I have the WORST sense of direction. I could get lost walking in a straight line.

So the other day I managed to drive all the way to university without using the GPS and I was overjoyed with this accomplishment.

Having something other than eggs for dinner.

We talked about this in my recent post: How to sneak more veges into your diet.

Eggs are so quick and easy to cook and they will forever hold a special place in my heart (alongside chocolate chip cookies, mashed potato and macaroni cheese) But I always feel like a superstar when I manage to incorporate a bunch of vegetables into my dinner. Look mum I’m eating Brussels sprouts of my own free will.

Folding a fitted sheet.

It does not make sense to me that a circle can be folded into a square.

My mum is some sort of magician and knows exactly how to hold the sheet so that it folds into a perfect square and though I have watched her a billion times I cannot do it myself.

I have given up trying and now roll the sheet up into some sort of hideous scramble and throw it into the cupboard before anyone sees my shameful effort.



Having a full spice rack.

Don’t you feel like the most smug person ever when a recipe calls for some exotic spice and you just so happen to have it?

You are pretty much a professional chef with your turmeric, paprika and cardamom.

Talking to a cashier instead of going to the self service checkout.

Confession: I HATE small talk.

So I will go out of my way to avoid it at all costs. I don’t care how long the line is or how absurdly full my trolley is…I’ll be queuing at the self service checkout.

I’m always super proud of myself when I not only bowl on over to an actual cashier but I also manage to rustle up the courage to ask them how their day is going.

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M x

Now tell me…

Have you accomplished any of these small adulting wins recently?

Are you a fan of self-service checkouts?

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  1. See, I get around the fitted sheet thing by only owning one set of sheets for each bed that we have. And I DO manage to get them washed and dried every Wednesday–when you only have one set of sheets, you’re highly motivated to actually finish the laundry task so that you have somewhere to sleep at night! 😛

  2. OH BOY this is so relatable. Making small talk with a cashier can actually be really intimidating for me, but whenever I do it I’m always happy I did. And I still have not successfully folded a fitted sheet. However my 20 year old sister has mastered it; I need to learn from her. And I love to make sure things aren’t decomposing in the fridge; however sometimes that feels like a HUGE win cause it’s hard. O_O And just yesterday my sister and I were able to get somewhere without a GPS that we’d only been to twice; I was thankful that God preserved us and helped me remember how to get there. 🙂 I love these adulting wins posts; they’re encouraging and fun and unique. I hope you keep doing them occasionally!

    1. Same! It always actually makes me so happy to talk to the server at the cashier. I’m glad you like these posts. They are really fun to write too 🙂

  3. These are all so great! I will never know how to fold a fitted sheet, i’ve got bigger things to do than figure that out. I may never navigate somewhere without using a gps, either but I wash my sheets weekly and rarely even let the gas light come on in my Jeep so I think it’s about balance.

    1. I’m a big fan of celebrating even just the little things. It makes life more fun. I’m so proud of myself because my last at-home manicure I sat down and waited patiently for them dry and it has lasted so well! It’s worth the wait.

  4. haha the sheet thing is so accurate. laundry is one thing I put off so hard. especially when I’m at school… it’s the last thing I want to do! and dishes too 😛

  5. I taught myself how to fold a fitted sheet! Well…YouTube taught me. A win for me would be washing, drying, and folding clothes all in the same day. Also, I’ve been on this planet for 30 years and I’ve never waited for my nails to dry completely.

  6. Some of these made me laugh out loud! I M horrible at the decomposing food in the fridge. But I actually am good about going to a real person to check out! The only time I do self checkout is when I literally have one or two things and know it will be quicker to do myself.

  7. That irritated, frazzled mess was me the other night as I attempted to change my sheets. Even after watching a bajillion videos on folding a fitted sheet, I am completely inept at it.

    Love this post so much! We get caught up in all the adult things we “should” be doing at this point in our lives. But then we overlook the smaller, day-to-day wins that still indicate that we are growing up. Definitely gonna share it in my next link round-up.

    1. That’s so funny, I didn’t even know that there were videos on how to fold fitted sheets! Clearly they weren’t helpful anyway.
      We totally overlook all the little wins and I think they deserve to be celebrated! I’m glad you liked this post…it was a whole lot of fun to write.

  8. YESSSSS to navigating around without using GPS. This is typically never the case with mthe, but when it is…I feel so darn proud! Also, so true about having a full tank of gas in your car! Loved these wins ☺️

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