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Hey friends!

Do you feel like you just blinked and suddenly it’s August or is it just me? How did this happen? I don’t know, but I’m pretty excited about it. Because springtime is just around the corner down here. We went to the park the other day and there were two lambs frolicking around and I have definitely seen a few buds popping up on the trees. My absolute favourite flowers are daffodils which makes springtime especially joyful for me because they crop up everywhere like beacons of hope that the winter chill is coming to an end. Ah isn’t it so good to be alive?

Anyway let’s talk about this week…

Monday: Dunkirk and dizziness…

We went and saw Dunkirk which I was surprisingly excited to see, mostly because of the hype and only slightly because of Harry Styles (no shame.)

I’m not a huge fan of war movies to begin with because I just don’t like tonnes of shooting, bombing and blood so I was thinking this probably wasn’t going to be my favourite movie.

What I wasn’t expecting was how flipping dizzy I was going to feel.

Admittedly we went and saw it in the Imax theatre which has that one GINORMOUS screen. So it made it feel like you were literally flying in the plane, flipping from side to side bleugh. I was also a tad overdressed for the stuffy theatre. It was absolutely freezing outside so I wore practically every layer that I own which certainly didn’t help with the queasiness.

It was a seriously incredible movie though and you should definitely go see it if you have the chance (just brace yourself for a whole lot of action.)


Tuesday: Spontaneous hikes…

It was an absolutely stunning day and so I managed to convince my brother and his flatmates to go on a wee hike. Unfortunately, I wore totally inappropriate footwear for the occasion because my version of the walk was sticking to the nicely paved paths and basking in the glory of the oak trees.

Their version of this walk was trekking across paddocks, jumping over fences and climbing trees (R.I.P my shoes.)

You guys know how much I LOVE my shoes so I spent the whole time gingerly, hobbling across the grass trying to avoid stepping in anything unpleasant left behind by the sheep that roam there.

I did see one girl with even less appropriate footwear. She was wearing a pair of cute black, ankle boots which must have made the climb to the top even more treacherous.

Wednesday: Dinner date…

My old flatmate Aimee invited me around to dinner at her new flat and it was so cute. The flat itself is all old and homely which I really love. Aimee made us pumpkin risotto for dinner which is always a good time. Risotto is the ultimate comfort food no? Cheese = happiness.

I was in charge of bringing dessert (the best job) and I made this chocolate icebox cake which is SO good (if I say so myself.) If you ever have to take a dessert to a potluck or something, make this. It’s super easy but looks kinda fancy so you can impress people without much effort. Winning.

Thursday: A little bit of swooning…

A little while back I ordered a copy of Milk and Honey and it finally arrived! I was so exited, I ripped open the package and got to reading it straight away. It was so incredible that I finished the entire thing in one sitting and then had to ramble all over Insta-stories about it.

If you don’t know about Milk and Honey, it’s a book of poetry written by Rupi Kaur. It tells the story of her experience with abuse and then her healing in the discovery of real love. It kinda reminded me of the redemption story in Beyonce’s Lemonade which I can’t stop gushing about.

This book is so beautiful, another must read!

Friday: A yoghurt frenzy…

I had work last night and it was insane. Everyone and their mother was at the supermarket last night and apparently they all had a hankering for yoghurt because I was going non-stop.

I was kinda glad because when the supermarket is empty I just stand there chilling (literally because I’m in the chilled foods section brrrr.)

But this was some next level stuff. Every time I scooped out a sample, someone would whisk it away. I even ran out of spoons and had to race back to my car to grab more. What a rowdy Friday night.

And that was my week. ICYMI, here is what I posted about:

M x

Now tell me…

What was the last movie you watched?

What is your favourite comfort food?


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    1. What?! You need to make some risotto ASAP Caitlin. It is so good. I was just feeling all excited this morning because it was so warm and I totally thought spring had arrived but this afternoon it’s gone back to being all chilly brrr

  1. gosh I could talk about that book for hours. It is amazing. also that view from your hike is amazing. isn’t getting outside so good for the soul?

  2. Pumpkin risotto?!! That sounds magical. Oooh, I love Rupi Kaur’s writing. I think her second book is going to be released soon. Hope to get my hands on that one too!

    I just watched The Big Sick yesterday. If you haven’t had a chance to see that one, I totally recommend you do!

    1. Pumpkin risotto is incredible, you should give it a try sometime!
      Oh she’s amazing right?! I saw that she was releasing a new book soon…I can’t wait!
      I’ll add that to my to-watch list, thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Wow I bet you were so exhausted after that crazy night of serving yogurt. And my mom and dad went and saw Dunkirk. They said that there wasn’t much character development?

    I’m not a huge war movie person either, but there is one that I think is worth watching because of how amazing the story is; it’s called Hacksaw Ridge.

    And a hike in ankle boots? I feel sorry for that girl! She was a brave soul. I’m always someone to put on my running shoes for a hike.

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