The week in review

Hey friends!

Well this week has flown on by, I almost feel dizzy. It was our first week back and with classes in full swing I couldn’t stay in denial very long. Somehow I managed to schedule something almost every day this week which was fun and all but also super exhausting. Can I be a total diva for a sec and say that after one week back that I already need a holiday? This weekend is also gonna be a busy one because I’m working and then helping out at the craft fair at church. Apparently, it’s true what they say…ain’t no rest for the wicked (or weary for that matter.)

But let’s talk about the rest of this week…

Monday: I love a good love story…

I got chatting with a girl at church and she told me the sweetest story that I just have to share with you because everyone knows I’m a sucker for love. It was the story of how her brother met his wife.

Basically, this girl had a pen pal in Canada who she had been writing to for years and one day the pen pal came to visit. The girl’s brother took one look at the pen pal and decided she was THE one for him awww.

Pen pal went back to Canada but he never told her his feelings. She came back to NZ a few years later but it was to visit another guy ooooh. This time he wrote her this beautiful letter expressing his feelings for her. To cut a long story short, they ended up getting married and now have 3 kids!

See, true love does exist. How adorable is that?

Tuesday: Am I dyslexic?…

I was running late for class (as per usual) so I was rushing to find the correct room. I went onto the second floor where my lecture theatre was supposedly located but all I could find were a bunch of offices and seminar rooms. I walked around and around the building feeling very much confused as to how they scheduled my class in a room that doesn’t even exist.

Then I realized that I had been reading the building number wrong and it was 206 NOT 260 as I had thought. I scrambled to get to the building my class was actually in but I discovered it was one of those rooms where the entrance is at the front so you have no hope of slipping in late.

And by the time I got my wheezy self there, I was already so late I decided I’d rather not make such a grand entrance to our first lecture.

Wednesday: Making new friends…

I have joined a new small group at church and this week was the very first meeting I attended. I was so ridiculously nervous beforehand. It felt like I was going on a first date or something. I was stressing that my outfit might look too formal or maybe my hair was a bit messy and then I didn’t know whether I should bring my bible or was I being too eager? 

Oh hey there over-thinkers anonymous, I think I just found you a new member.

I had to give myself a serious pep talk before leaving the flat.

But I honestly had nothing to worry about. They weren’t all sitting there critiquing my outfit choice as I walked in (go figure.) In fact, they were all such lovely, friendly people and I am so excited to get to know everyone better. Watch this space!


Thursday: Clearing out my closet…

My friend Claire wrote a post this week about how to declutter your closet for good which I thought was a brilliant idea. So brilliant that I stopped what I was doing (getting ready for class) and decided that I HAD to clear out my wardrobe immediately.

It’s such a struggle trying to get rid of clothes because I always manage to convince myself that surely I will need that sheep sweater or cheesy t-shirt again at some point. But in reality I haven’t worn half of my clothes since I was 16 and it is about time I sent them on to a better place.

Unfortunately, I timed this sporadic wardrobe cleaning at the worst possible moment because I had to make a dash to get to my class on time. I stupidly left the remnants of my closet-clearing all over my bed and when I got home later that night I was so unimpressed with past me.

Don’t you hate it when you leave a mess all over your bed and you’ve got to clean up your room before you can go to sleep? Ugh, the worst. 

Friday: Two left feet…

Our church had it’s annual Celildh last night which is the most fun night of the entire year. If you are wondering what the heck a Celildh is, it’s a Scottish folkish dance where you partner up and twirl around. Basically it’s a whole bunch of people stepping on each other’s toes and slamming into one another because nobody knows which way they are supposed to be moving. 

I LOVE dancing and every year at the Celildh I remember just how much and vow that this will be the year I join a dance class but it has yet to happen. Maybe this will be the year? 

If so, I need to find some better dance shoes because my my boots may be cute but boy did they kill my feet!

Anyway, that was my week. ICYMI, here is what I posted about:

M x

Now tell me…

Do you love to dance and what’s your favourite kind?

Are you a clothes hoarder too?

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  1. I LOVE dancing; we had a dance last night. We did probably what would be considered English country dances. I’m not the most graceful person, but thankfully I think I only stepped on one person’s feet. 😀 And I LOVE a good love story too; it’s amazing how each couple has a different one.

    Meeting new friends is always fun; it can be challenging to the introvert part of me, but it’s such a good fun challenge.

    1. Haha I’m NOT graceful at all either don’t you worry. I think I only stepped on one person’s feet too which was good going. I can’t get enough of love stories.

    1. Good for you! Now the mess has moved from my closet to the floor until I get around to taking all the clothes to the thrift store. ugh adulting

  2. Im so embarrassed to admit that I completely decluttered my closet months ago but now I have all the clothes I dont want sitting in a pile. Im convinced I can sell it all but I’m too lazy to start the process. Ugh.

  3. I’m glad you were inspired by my post! Although I’m sorry it came at a bad time, haha.

    The Ceilidh dance looks so fun! I love folk dancing. I actually took two folk dance classes in college because it’s such a blast and you can get away with it even if you’re incredibly clumsy like me 😛

    1. The celildh is so much fun. I would LOVE to take folk dancing classes. That sounds awesome. They don’t have anything like that at our uni. For beginners it’s either ballet which I’m not keen on or ballroom which would be fun but probably intense.

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