Monthly must-reads (and finding joy when life is hard)

Hey friends!

Guess who is riding that blissful post-exam high right now? Yeah it’s me. I am pleased as punch let me tell ya. I never knew stress before until this semester. It’s funny because I’m the leader of a high school girls small group and I love them to bits but the other day they were complaining about their assignments and stress and it took everything within me to stop myself breaking their sweet, naive little hearts. Honey, you have no clue what stress is. Wait until you are buried five feet under a pile of textbooks, study notes and flashcards. Then we can talk. Because hell hath no fury (or stress) like a menstruating woman in finals week.

Anyway, here we are on the other side of all that and business has resumed as normal. And by that I mean I am back to walking on sunshine and humming show-tunes under my breath.

Now let me tell you about all my favourite reads from around the web this month…


I’ve recently become addicted to watching life hack videos on Youtube. Because heck yes I wanna know how to stop my bobby pins falling out of my hair (the struggle though am I right?) or how to make your phone charge faster (in airplane mode apparently.)

My most recent favourite was this post (and video) from Kallie about how to save money on groceries. It’s all such obvious simple stuff, but things you probably forget when you are lugging around your stupidly full basket in the supermarket.

Watch out though once you start watching one life hack video you won’t be able to stop, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Sometimes getting from Monday to Friday is HARD WORK. But it makes it a whole lot easier if you give yourself little things to look forward to each day. I love all these tips for making your work week actually exciting.

It’s all about learning to #treatyoself

I’m only a newbie at this whole twenty-something adulting stuff but I can already relate to all of these things. Especially not sweating the small stuff and making self care a priority.

Because ramen noodles might be super convenient and cheap but they sure aren’t a sustainable meal choice if you wanna survive your twenties. You gotta start taking care of yourself like right now. Eat some broccoli or something please. 


Loneliness is something that grips all of us at some point in time. No matter how cool or popular you are, there will always be people letting you down and flaking out on you.

That is the nature of relationships with flawed human beings. So basically you just gotta learn how to beat that feeling of loneliness so when it comes a knockin’ you already know how to slam the door in it’s face.

Self care:

Anyone else feeling a little taken aback that it is already the end of June? Like how did that happen?! It terrifies me how fast time flies. Before we know it we will be old and grey reflecting back on our lives and I for one, don’t wanna be sitting there in my rocking chair struggling to remember anything worthwhile.

So I am making it my goal to be PRESENT each day. To really appreciate the simple goodness in each day. If you feel the same way then take a look at this post for some ideas on how to do that.

If stress rules your life then you must read this post. Life is so much more than the hustle and bustle. Life is more than the fear, self-doubt and anxiety.

I’m gonna be real cheesy for a sec so please don’t hate me… you gotta let go and let God.

I don’t know about you but I accumulate so much junk. Spam in my mailbox, coffee mugs on my desk, sticky notes on my bedside table. It’s because I’m a hoarder. I can’t help myself. If something could potentially, maybe, possibly be useful in the future you better believe I’m gonna be keeping it.

So every now and then I need a little reminder to sort out my ish. If you need that little nudge then this post is for you too.


I get it, it’s not easy waking up every day and pretending like you’ve got it all together.

It’s easy to feel top notch when your skin is clear, your shirt doesn’t have coffee stains on it and you don’t have dark circles under your eyes…but here’s a little secret, nobody has it all together. They might look it from the outside, but Jenny from marketing is just as self-conscious, clammy and awkward as you.

Having confidence is a little bit of faking it till you make it.

Sometimes you gotta be your own cheerleader. You have to stop caring what others think of you and start boldly accepting that you are who you are.

I am NOT a natural risk taker. In fact I am very much the complete opposite, just ask anyone who has ever got in a car with me. I drive like a Grandma trying to balance a cake on her lap without ruining the icing (i.e. very slooooooowly.)

But I make it my biggest goal in life to never let fear stop me from taking risks. It doesn’t matter how hard or scary something is, I WILL try my best. And you should too.

For the laughs:

Oh my goodness this is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen. To any guys reading this, take note. You cannot win. We do not know what we want. Sorry bud.

Megan’s moment:

Along the lines of being present and appreciating beauty, this month I have learnt the importance of slowing down. June was the most crazy month and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t break down at several points. I felt like I was being squeezed from all directions or like Bilbo Baggins so eloquently puts it,  

“I feel thin, sort of stretched out like butter on too much bread.” 

If you have ever felt completely drained, like you have absolutely nothing left to give then you know what I’m talking about.

Unfortunately, sometimes that feeling is inevitable. Life gets busy and there isn’t much we can do about it.

BUT…the antidote to all the stress and anxiety is finding beauty. It is being present and indulging your senses in the simplicity of life. It is slowing down and taking a deep breath of the crisp wintery (or stuffy summer) air. It is not just stopping to smell the roses but grabbing your secateurs and snipping a bunch to carry with you all day.

You have to create your own sunshine when the stresses of life cloud your vision.

Be gentle with yourself. Say ‘no’ if you need to. Go some place quiet, be alone, feel what you need to feel.

Let go of your expectations…of yourself, of others, of experiences…and just BE.

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M x

Now tell me…

Have you read anything great recently? 

How are slowing down and appreciating life today?


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  1. I loved the article on saving money on groceries. The one area of my budget that I have a hard time sticking to is food! Her tip to eat a snack before you shop is great–I have definitelyyy been known to splurge on an overpriced energy bar to snack on while shopping.

    This afternoon I took some time to text a college friend and ask to catch up as we haven’t talked since graduation! So that was my slowing down and appreciating life and wonderful people for today. 🙂

    1. Oh my gosh, same. It is so tricky not to spend all my money on food. Oh yeah, going to the supermarket while hungry always ends badly!
      That’s really nice. I love catching up with old friends. That is a perfect way to slow down and appreciate life. Also please tell me that you appreciated my Bilbo Baggins quote 😉

  2. Golly gee whilickers, I love these monthly round ups because I get introduced to such great bloggers through this! You are quite a gem, and I love that you are intentional in everything you do.

    (Sometimes I complain about how tired and busy I am around my friends who are moms. . . I’m sure it drives them crazy, much like your high schoolers drive you crazy.)

    Thank you for including my post in this post! <3

    1. haha oh my, your opening line was perfect 😛
      I love being able to introduce people to new bloggers! I love how my blogger friends become friends too. Thank you, that is such an awesome complement.
      You are so right, it’s all perspective isn’t it? Whatever season of life you are in there are always challenges that feel like the end of the world.

  3. I so so agree that the antidote to stress is finding beauty. I’ve found that looking for evidences of God’s grace and power and love in every single day has been so encouraging to me lately.

    I really want to encourage as many people as I can that God’s grace is SO abundant and SO Rich.

    Simplifying life has been such a gift lately. I’m still learning what things I need and what I really don’t need. 🙂 I need to go through these and read them. I love how you found so many varied articles.

    1. Oh my gosh isn’t it just the best! It is so true. Girls are really complicated…but then again, so are guys. Like do we ever really know what they are thinking? 😛

    1. You will love that video, it is so great! I love to read, it is such a shame when life gets a little busy and prevents me from doing it.
      If that is a book you recommended, I will 100% check it out, I love finding new things to read!
      Thanks for reading Laura.

  4. All of these look SO good! I am definitely going to read the one about taking more risks, because my word for the year was–you guessed it–RISK. Of course, I didn’t plan on that manifesting itself in having a high-risk pregnancy, but I am really enjoying trying to push myself to get outside of my box, and do the scary things more often.

    1. You’ll love that post. That is such a great word of the year choice. Wow that’s kinda crazy. Good on you for being brave and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone!

  5. Thanks for sharing all of these links to read 🙂 All are a good reminder to remain in the present. It’s also a good reminder that it is sometimes just hard to “be”, ya know. So many things in this post are worth practicing on the daily, like saying “no” and sticking to it.

    1. I’m glad you like checking out all these posts. I totally agree, saying ‘no’ and being present can be really tricky! We get better with practice though. Thanks for reading!

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