How to pick yourself up on an “off day”

Hey friends!

Long time no see right? Did you notice that I sorta disappeared over the weekend? I’m gonna flatter myself and pretend you did. I got sucked into this vortex of socializing, studying and sickness. I am pleased to report that I finally feel like a normal human being again. But my return to full health means I am now behind on pretty much every area of my life and low key freaking out. Today we are talking about how to pick yourself up on an off day because I sure as heck am gonna need these tips to get me through the next couple of weeks.

Yes that’s right, I’ll be taking a leaf outta my own book. Exam season is nearly upon us and if anything can cue an off day it is the thought of having to study non-enzymatic browning…kill me now.

Bad days...we all have them. But we don't have to let our gloomy mood get the better of us. I've got a bunch of easy peasy ways to pick yourself up on off days.

So here are my six scientifically proven

Ways to pick yourself up on an off day…

Listen to a popping playlist

Music has this crazy way of seeping into our souls and making all feel right with the world. If you are feeling a little blue, it is nothing a little bit of ‘walking on sunshine’ can’t fix. If you need a confidence boost then I’m pretty Beyonce has like ten songs for that. And if you just need to cry then Adele should be your therapy of choice.

I’m sure you’ve already got a dozen playlists for all such occasions, but if not then you can borrow mine. These are all of my favourite songs and will get you up and at em for sure.

Light it up 

It is a known fact that warm lighting is comforting and restorative. I don’t know what it is about candles but they are an instant mood booster. Maybe they take us back to our prehistoric days sitting around the flickering campfire keeping warm. Or it could just be they smell really great.

I’ve got this one candle that is vanilla scented and smells like cupcakes are baking in the oven which is one of the best smells in the world.

If you don’t have a candle or can’t because you are somewhere that considers it a safety hazard (psh) then fairy lights make an excellent substitute.   

pick yourself up on an off day

Create your own sunshine

I don’t know about you but 90% of my off days coincide with grey skies and drizzle. Coincidence?…I think not. What can I say, I’m a blue sky kinda girl.

But just because the weather won’t cooperate doesn’t mean you have to stay in a gloomy mood! You just gotta create your own sunshine.

How does one create their own sunshine you ask?

Well it’s as simple as surrounding yourself with beautiful things. Go for a walk amongst some leafy trees (currently I’m swooning over all the autumn leaves). Find some flowers to frolick in. Put on your brightest clothes and wear your sunshine wherever you go. 

pick yourself up on an off day

Journal it out

My journal is my secret weapon. I’ve been a journaller for as long as I can remember and I guess nowadays a lot of my journaling has seeped onto my blog. But obviously not all of you have blogs or want to share your very deepest secrets with the world…so hooray for journals.

You’d be surprised how much stuff you bottle up inside without realizing it. Your journal can help you get to the bottom of what you are really feeling so you can work it out.

If you are afraid of someone finding your writing then you could type it on the computer and put it under password protection, I however am a fan of the old fashioned pen and paper route.

Related: 5 journaling prompts for when you have no idea what to write

pick yourself up on an off day

Find some motivational quotes

I’m  fan of sticking inspirational notes to myself (and others) everywhere. Just ask my flatmates, I’ve got scraps of paper smattered all over our flat with little words of encouragement on them.

Is there anything better than grabbing your cereal out the pantry and reading some #mondaymotivation or looking in the mirror and having it tell you that you are beautiful (like the mirror in Shrek because YOU are the fairest of them all.)

So grab a sharpie and some paper and spread that inspiration everywhere. If you need some help check out these 11 positively inspirational quotes to live by (you are welcome.)

pick yourself up on an off day

Phone a friend

Or your mum (because same thing right?) They probably know the exact thing you need to hear right now to make you feel better. How do mums do that? Is there a class the take in giving excellent advice because it is somewhat alarming how many times my mum is right.

Sometimes it also takes a close friend to see the flaw in your logic and gently give you a shove back to reality. As the Mayor of Crazytown, I say you are better off living somewhere else…there are no job openings here anyway 😉

And if all else fails then at least they’ll be able to make you laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. 

pick yourself up on off days

Do you feel better yet? If not please return to step one and repeat until you are so annoyingly perky that you are dancing while waiting for the kettle to boil or smiling at all the strangers as you get on the bus.

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M x

Now tell me…

What is one song on your popping playlist?

What is your cure for an “off day?”

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  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better! And you’re totally right about warm light being cheering and soothing; I always feel so much better working with warm light and not those horrid and super bright white lightbulbs that are everywhere nowadays!

    “Phone a friend” is the best piece of advice on here, though. There is nothing like some (kind and loving) external input to give you a totally new and more optimistic perspective on a situation!

    1. Thanks 🙂 Ugh i HATE that bright white lighting! We just replaced the lights in our living room and they are all gross and bright and it is not fun. I think they might be more energy efficient though so there’s that. Yep phoning a friend always always makes me feel so much better. Speaking of, we need to skype again ASAP.

        1. Aw I’m sorry about that! If none of the other tips work either then I’m fresh outta ideas. You can always be my friend 🙂 A girl can never have too many shoes or friends.

  2. Totally smiled at this. It added some pep to my evening reads. And I completely agree with everything here. I love going out and finding sunshine around me or just skipping outside or laying outside and staring up at the sky. That is an almost immediate mood lifter on an off day. Or I love listening to Chris Rice or Casting Crowns when my mood is in the dumps. <3

    1. I love that you skip outside, you go girl 😛 Yes worship music always makes me feel good too. I think it is all about taking your eyes off yourself and back onto God again.

  3. Oh my gosh I so needed this yesterday – I was having SUCH an off day. Our staff photos came back and it was like 3rd grade school photo day all over again. I was sitting in my office crying some big hot tears because I hated the picture so much. I found that after I ate lunch and spent some Jesus time, I was feeling better. Then I had my Bible study community come over last night and had even more Jesus time, and my heart was in a much better place when I went to sleep last night. These suggestions are so perfect! <3

    1. Oh no I’m so sorry that is just awful! Sometimes little things can make a huge difference and set you over the edge on an off day. I’m really glad that a little bible study and time with friends helped you feel better. All the love <3

  4. I’m sitting here, rocking out to a spotify playlist, burning a candle, and looking at the quotes in my office. Yessss to all of these things! And I definitely have journaled less over the last year or two- and it now makes more sense as to why- I really have begun using my blog like a journal some. That’s interesting! Glad you are feeling human again:)

    1. Ooh go you! A triple wammie. It’s pretty awesome getting to use our blogs as a little therapy sesh. So often I feel like a new person after spilling my thoughts onto my blog.

    1. Thanks Kristen! Oh you are so right. Exercise always makes me feel waaay better too. Even if it is just a quick walk around the block. Hooray for endorphins. Thanks for reading!

  5. T-swizzle’s Shake It Off always puts me in a good, dancing mood as much as I hate to admit. Being a blue sky girl too, I have learned that I need to create my own sunshine too. Other cures for me include reading or baking!!

    1. I LOVE that song. I used to always have little dance parties in my room to it haha. Baking always puts me in a good mood too. Thanks for reading Kaylee.

  6. Fantastic post!!! I literally do all of these things to feel better, yet most of the time I never think to actually do them when I am sad. So useful

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