The ups and downs of being a blogger

Hey friends!

I can hardly believe it, but this year AS & SF will turn three! I always feel a little hesitant about telling people how old my blog is (or lets be real that it even exists.) I’m a little scared that people will look at my blog and expect it to be so much better because I’ve been around here for a while. I know that is completely ridiculous because who thinks that besides me? So I thought today I would share some more of those behind the scenes thoughts and the ups and downs I have experienced as a blogger.

For normal folk (all the non bloggers in the house) this will be an interesting sneak peek in our crazy world, there is a whole lotta stuff that goes on behind the scenes. For my fellow bloggers, let’s have a laugh/cry about this stuff together. Because I know you feel every one of these joys and frustrations just like me.

Being a blogger is incredibly rewarding and at times incredibly frustrating. There are so many joys and failures, highs and lows when it comes to blogging. Take a look behind the scenes of my blog and find out the best and worst bits about being a blogger.

The Ups:

That ecstatic feeling of getting a new email subscriber…

Not only does someone actually read your blog but they like you enough to wanna hear more of your rambles, sent directly to their inbox. And sometimes you get a gem of a reader who will reply to your email! (If you aren’t subscribed to my newsletter, you can do that right here. You don’t wanna miss out plus you would make my day!)

Making blogger BFFs…

Finding friends over the internet is my favourite hobby. How amazing is it that we can connect with people from all around the world and find our soul sisters on Instagram? These people who go from being strangers to best friends and who just “get” us are such a blessing. Kristy, Claire, Emily, Christina, Kara, Caitlin and Emily…we are kindred spirits!

ups and downs of blogging

Getting heartfelt comments…

Hearing that something you wrote helped someone or made them smile is incredible. How wonderful that the words I type onto my laptop can reach out and bring YOU joy. Thank you to all of you who do leave comments because they always make my day.

Working with brands…

It feels like you’ve made it when a brand reaches out to you and says how much they love your work. Or when you reach out to them, gushing about how much you love their brand and they actually reply to you! Not gonna lie, getting free stuff is pretty great too.

Connecting on social media…

I didn’t know squat about social media before I started blogging. Facebook was the only place I hung out (except for that brief cringey period of my life where I stalked One Direction on Twitter but let’s not talk about that.) Nowadays I live and breathe social media. If I’m eating a donut you better believe I’ll be Instagrammin’ that bad boy. 

And speaking of Instagram, I love that whole crazy community where you can meet best friends (for real) and you get to share little fun snippets of your everyday life (albeit an abridged version.)

ups and downs of blogging

People actually reading what you write…

When you finally reach the point where it isn’t just your Mum reading what you write it kinda blows you away. Where did all these people come from?

That people actually like what I write and come back for more is insane. For as long as I can remember I’ve been stuffing journals and notebooks full of ideas and silly stories and now I get to pour that passion for writing into posts the people actually read!

When a post does really well…

It feels like you are walking on sunshine. Especially when it was completely unexpected. And usually it is the posts that are SO difficult to write (the embarrassing/tear-jerking/heart-warming ones) that people really relate to. Go figure. 

Impacting people’s lives…

But hands down my favourite thing about blogging is that it gives my story a purpose. The words I write no longer remain slammed shut between my pages of my journal, but instead are inked out for everyone to see.

I get to speak love and life into the hearts of all my readers. I get to share my own struggles in the hope that they will help others. I get to extend a hand and have a laugh and it fills me to the brim with joy.

The best thing about blogging is that it gives your story a purpose. Click To Tweet

ups and downs of blogging

The Downs:

When a post is a complete fail…

It’s a tad embarrassing when you write and publish a post that you think is a real winner and it falls flat. Because naturally you think you are a comical genius and your post is so very much on point. You are sure it’s gonna go viral and make you famous… then surprise surprise, it doesn’t. Awkward. 

Spam comments…

The worst. I can deal with two or three comments (nothing the delete button can’t fix.) But the other day I had over 200 spam comments that I had to go through and manually delete. Kill me now. And most of the time they don’t leave short ‘n’ sweet little notes, they are flipping novels which require much scrolling and multiple your aggravation tenfold.

The follow/unfollow game…

Where bloggers or bot accounts follow you on social media so that you will follow them back, and then they unfollow you straight away. Boo! Like I’m just over here trying to build real connections with my readers and fellow bloggers, please don’t include me in your spammy, inauthentic plan to take over the world.

ups and downs of blogging

Feeling weird when a close friend doesn’t read your blog…

I can say this of course because they won’t be reading 😉 But isn’t it a little weird that you never hop on here? My blog is such a huge part of my life and so are you. Aren’t you just a little bit curious?

Feeling weird when they only read it instead of talking to you…

Thanks heaps for reading, it means a lot but I’d love it if we could be friends IRL too. It feels kinda sucky that you find out all of my news by reading my blog instead of actually catching up with me and hearing it from me first. There, I said it. 

Seeing absolutely no progress…

And then there are those days where you feel completely crummy about everything. You can’t think of anything to write. It’s too dark and gloomy to take photos (argh Winter!) And suddenly you feel like you are failing at everything. 

When your page-views drop…

It is such a buzz when each month you see your readership growing but on the flip side, it can be completely disheartening to see those numbers slip. Heeelllo where is everyone? I know it’s Christmas and you wanna spend time with your family and all but it is essential that you read my blog post first! (Am I needy or what?)

ups and downs of blogging

The hella confusing concepts…

There is so much stuff to learn when you become a blogger. It’s not all Starbucks and white fluffy rugs up in here. Instagram changes their algorithms more than I change nail polish colours. Pinterest is this crazy superpower except you’ve gotta be on it all the time and constantly creating these pretty graphics (which btw nobody told me I was gonna need a degree in graphic design to be a blogger.) And let’s not even talk about Facebook, what the heck is going on there?

That feeling of distress when something on the blog breaks…

Oh no no no. For the complete technophobes like myself, this is our worst nightmare. The stages of freaking out usually go something like this:

Oh shoot something broke. How do I fix this? Omg nobody can see my blog right now, my pageviews are gonna drop so much. I should really learn some code. Ugh heck no that’s waaay too complicated. I can’t even log in to try fix it…now the screen is blank…but I didn’t save my post…

You get the picture. It’s a nightmare. 

The ups and downs of being a blogger...let's laugh/cry together. Click To Tweet

All of that being said, I’m glad I can call myself a blogger. Sure there are plenty of ups and downs…some days it makes me wanna tear my hair out, but mostly it makes me feel proud to have built up this little corner of the internet. 

M x

Now tell me…

What is your favourite thing about being a blogger/reading blogs?

What are some of your blogging ups and downs?


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  1. There are so many ups and downs to being a blogger, and you highlighted the ups so well. I love and appreciate how much of a loyal friend you’ve been to many.

    Blogging is so confusing and some days I want to just write and write. I think the best part is the people. The people make it all worth it, the precious connections, the people to talk to, the people who laugh and cry with you, and the people who shock you by really loving a post that was terribly hard to write. There are some days when I absolutely see no progress either, but if you’re doing what the Lord wants you to do, He WILL bring the increase. Some days it seems like it might never come, but I know those have been greatly patience testing.

    The cool thing that I have learned from you is just writing straight from the heart. You don’t seem to be driven by page views ever or numbers; you truly invest love and soul into each person that comes here.

    And . . . I bet there are many sweet precious people that come that don’t comment that are incredibly blessed by you and the wisdom you bring to the blog world. <3 Some day I hope to hug you in person and give you a gift to just say, 'Thank you' for all the ways in which you've blessed many with God's love.

    1. The people are definitely the best part. It’s so incredible to be able to communicate with so many people at once. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Sometimes I really need a boost and you always have the perfect thing to say.

  2. A lot of the downs you mentioned used to be a HUGE struggle for me. So much so, I really had to force myself to stop thinking about them. Now, I don’t check page views. I don’t ask poplin my real life about my blog. If they read, they’ll bring ti up. I post and I want them to read if they are interested. It’s hard to make that shift, but it helped me so so so much.! Great list girl!

    1. The constant checking of pageviews just does no good for ones self esteem. And remembering that my self worth is not measured by how well my blog does is important for my sanity. I love how relaxed your blog is now. Your posts are always so beautifully written.

  3. This is such a great post. It gives anyone starting out blogging see the big picture. I know so many people who’ve given up because their first few posts haven’t gone well or the amount of spam gets them down. I think in the early days it’s hard to see all the benefits.

    1. Thanks so much Wendy. Oh that’s so sad that people would give up so soon. It does take a while to find your footing and find the right niche for yourself.

  4. Gosh yes! So much yes!!!!
    It can be so hard some days to be a blogger, but I love it oh-so-much and the good days make up for the bad in big ways. Also, your blog is sooooooooooo cute! I love your design!

  5. Oh my word, so much truth here!! Love all the ups about blogging! It’s such a great way to connect with others and grow personally. But the downs…can be so hard. My pageviews have been terrible lately…like I’m thinking they have to be inaccurate crazy. Super discouraging!

    1. Yes the personal growth has been kind of a surprise for me, but very exciting to see! Oh I’m sorry about your pageviews being down, that is such a crummy feeling. I hope they pick back up again soon. I love your blog!

  6. My brother had no idea I had a blog even though it’s a big part of my life haha It was kind of sad and he barely recently liked my blog FB page even though I invited him so long ago. Something that’s a down for me is that I feel I can’t connect much because I’ve gotten so busy and really want to read blogs but don’t have time to!

    1. Oh my gosh that really sucks! My family are almost embarrassingly proud of my blog so I am grateful for them. Oh yeah, blogging is such a big time commitment. I’m worried about how I will manage when I have a full time job.

  7. Haha, I love this post! I’ve only been blogging for a month now, but I can totally relate to most of it. My favorite part about blogging is being able to reach people with your words and meeting all kinds of new people online. So far, I’m loving it! I don’t have a lot experience with the downsides yet. No spam (because Askimet!), but agree with that annoying follow-unfollow game and I’m dreading the day my numbers will go down for more than one day!

    1. Oh wow, how awesome that you’ve just started a blog (welcome to the club!) Don’t worry, you will know all the ups and downs, ins and outs very soon. Thanks for reading Jo!

  8. YES. I have experienced all of these! You capture the frustrating and exciting parts of being a blogger so perfectly. I still feel like I don’t have a grasp on what content people want — sometimes a post I poured myself into and that I think will do well totally tanks, and sometimes the random quickly written posts do super well. Crazy!

    1. Yeah it’s so interesting how some posts do really well and others just fall flat. I don’t think I’ll ever quite understand that.

  9. Love how honest this out. I definitely relate to the downs especially; it can be so discouraging to see your traffic drop and you have no idea why. Or you feel like you’re working SO hard and only going down.

    That’s when I try to put myself in a very long-term perspective – one day of bad traffic is just part of the journey. And I definitely believe it’s about how you handle the downs and rise up again.


    1. It is horrible when your blog traffic just drops for no reason. I think so often we actually aren’t even aware of how much of an impact our blogs make. Not everyone who reads it comments so you don’t get a full picture of how many people you are reaching. Thanks for reading!

  10. Oh so true! People actually reading what you write.. such a big one! It’s amazing how having a little corner of the internet brings you together with so many people too!

  11. There were SO many points in this when I said, “Omg, MY LIFE!” First, I love your thought about how blogging gives your story a purpose – that is so true. It’s so gratifying to use a personal story to communicate a greater lesson that you’ve learned about life and want to share – and to connect with people as a result. Second, DUDE, there is so much that you need to know and have covered at all times to be a blogger. It’s insane! Photography, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, graphic design, the ins and outs of whichever platform you use… all in addition to writing? It’s nuts – and so few of us ever get large-scale recognition. If you don’t really love it, it’s hard to keep going – but it’s so gratifying when you do love it and meet some other wonderful people!

    1. Haha that’s great. It’s so awesome that we get to share our stories with the world right?! Omg and the amount of stuffI have had to learn since I started blogging is ridiculous. It really is that passion that keeps me going. Thanks for stopping by!

  12. HAha this are all so true! I swear there is so much I didn’t think about when I started blogging. Who knew I would need to be an expert writer, graphic designer, photographer, marketing, seo strategist, and more! #SMH

  13. Lovethe e inside look at blogging! And really appreciate how bluntly open about the ups & downs you are. I am just starting to create my blog so this post was perfect timing & a great read!

    1. Oh that’s awesome! Having a blog is so much fun, you will love it. When you get it up and running be sure to let me know so I can check it out!

  14. this is all too true. 1. I HATE spam comments… and 2. when my blog has technical difficulties I always freak- I am not good with that stuff! Love the connections blogging has given me though!

  15. Ahhhhhh I loved reading this post. I knew from the title I would! It’s so true, there are definitely the crazy awesome ups that you elaborated upon so well. I have LOVED the blogging friends I’ve made (truth: I might kind of brag that I get to have a super great friend that lives on the literal other side of the world;)) and love the feeling of writing words that people need and want to hear. But the stress and the burdens that come with that? And when it doesn’t succeed like you hope it should or even think it should? Or when growth seems to hit a stand still and you feel like tossing in the cake… but it’s worth it. Because the good stuff so greatly outweighs the bad. Sharing this post, because it perfectly sums it up!

    1. Ah I love that I can be your bragging rights 😉 It’s so cool when God uses our words to reach someone and it is exactly what they need to hear. You do that all the time for me btw. I’ve never heard the expression tossing the cake before but I love that. I’m totally claiming that as my own haha. <3

  16. Hey. such a great post. I am a new blogger and have been blogging for a month almost. Though I have people who’ve hated me since I made videos on YouTube and they continue to follow my life consitantly. They have a major thread dedicated to me and made a fake youtube account about me too. During my time on YouTube I barely got famous or popular. I had only 100 subs and that was because of the haters who helped me get there. On a thread about me on this site they get all giddy when i sign up to new twitter accounts, start a new blog and talk about my life choices, they also threated to tell my parents that I was whoring myself for money from a site called
    I love my blog I have now, and hope to make it a career.
    This post had tons of information, and it was nice to read a post of what it is really like to own a blog.

    1. That’s awesome that you started a blog, it is so great, you will love it. Gosh I’m sorry about what happened on Youtube, that’s really awful! People can be really cruel on the internet when they are hiding behind a computer. I hope they stay away from your blog! Thanks for reading Amanda.

    1. Yes! You guys are adorable #friendshipgoals. My blog bestie is getting married next year but I live so darn far away! I’m trying to save up so I can visit anyway.

  17. I love you, sweet blogger BFF!

    I love that you stalked One Direction on Twitter, hahahahahahaha!

    And I don’t know if this applies to everyone, but more often than not I find the friends who i don’t think read my blog are actually reading it – they just don’t comment. I never know until the inevitable “didn’t I see XXX on your blog” or “those XX looked amazing” or “how exciting that you’re doing XX” and I’m like “OHHHHH, you do read my blog”.

    1. All the love <3. Oh yep my secret is out! Yes I do have some friends that do that too, but some that just isn't the case and it is a little awkward.

  18. GIRL! You were SPOT ON with this!! Especially the graphics! I have had to learn SO MUCH since starting blogging (and still learning)! I am thankful though, that my husband takes care of the techy side of things when the blog breaks. Although that doesn’t keep me from freaking out! haha! I’ve had yelling/screaming/crying fits when something crashes and my post isn’t saved. With the spam comments, I don’t usually have a problem with those, but I am on WordPress, have a bunch of security stuff installed, and also use Disqus so maybe that makes a difference? I seriously could go on and on about how great this post is though and how stinkin accurate! Blogging is a lot harder than most people think and there is a lot involved in the post process. It’s not just writing a post, hitting publish, and boom you’re done. You sum everything up perfectly! 🙂

    1. Ugh the graphics have been so tricky for me. I am not great at design! And we’ve already talked about how awful it is when something breaks. I used to use Disqus but one day it just stopped working so I had to stop using it. I’m glad you liked this post and could relate <3

      1. Aw man! I’m so sorry Disqus stopped working for you! And graphics are definitely a learning curve. I took classes in college last semester that taught me how to use illustrator and photoshop and that helped! It also helps to google around for some image inspirations to get your creative juices flowing! It’s not so bad once you get down the basics 😉

  19. This is all SO true, and I’m just starting out!! Right now I’m having a hard enough time even just getting my Squarespace layout off the ground. But I love what you said about the ups – having a place to give purpose to my story is absolutely worth it!

    1. Good on you! Remember the importance of sharing your story when you ever doubt why you started or if it is worth it. You got this girl! <3

  20. I love it! I think it’s great that you’re talking about it so openly because it resonates with so many people- including me! There’s so much involved being a blogger these days and it definitely gets tiring trying to keep up with all the marketing and sharing of ones posts when there are millions out there. I used to get down on myself, checking my stats and page views all the time, but I found I enjoy blogging so much more when I’m just being me. Takes a lot of the pressure off! Thanks for sharing – and visiting from Peony Project!

    1. Thanks Kelly, I’m glad you could relate to this post. It can be hard not to feel down when you don’t see the results from all the time and effort you put in, but at the end of the day if you are doing what you love then it shouldn’t matter how many people you reach. Thanks for checking out the blog!

  21. Man, Girly! You really captured the ups and downs of blogging pretty perfectly. Who knew blogging would be such a wild ride?
    So grateful for you and your blogging friendship!

  22. Yes! This is sooo soo good! & I’m glad we are kindred spirits! I definitely feel you in the “none of my friends read my blog.” Some of my friends do, but a lot of my family members (and husband sometimes!) don’t. But I take that to mean my writing isn’t their style and that’s okay. And those heartfelt posts that don’t go well? Those are a HUGE bummer. I always feel like it’s the ones I’m most insecure to publish that get 0 activity. ha!

    1. Oh that makes me so sad thinking about those posts that don’t get read. I just know they would be so great too. And you are totally right about writing style, our blogs just won’t be for everyone and that is A-Okay.

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