The week in review

Hey friends!

How are we all? This has felt like the longest week ever for me. All the labs and lab reports have got me in a bit of a gloomy mood. This semester just needs to be over so I can focus on more important things like watching The Bachelor (my guilty pleasure) and painting my nails with enough coats that they don’t chip in two seconds. But anyway, for now I’ll just be here sighing and pouring myself another cup of coffee.

This week man flu hit my flat which was great fun. I flat with 3 guys and I don’t normally notice the difference between us but boy did I this week. There was way too much testosterone and sniveling up in this place.

What is it about men when they get sick? Come on guys, you aren’t about to drop dead, you’ve got a sore throat. To be fair, one of the guys did have it particularly bad so he had my full sympathy.

Besides being an unsympathetic, unhelpful Florence Nightingale, here’s what else I’ve been up to this week…

Monday: Coffee with Gran and peculiar plants…

I took Monday off as I was driving back to Auckland from my parent’s place and on the way back I stopped to have coffee with my Granny.

We had such a nice time. Coffee is always a good time, but spending time with my grandparents is makes it extra special.

My Granny didn’t send me back empty handed either, she gave me some air plants to take back to my flat. I have no idea what to do with these air plants because they are the weirdest plant ever. What kind of plant doesn’t grow in soil? How does one pot a plant like that? Anyone got some tips for me?

Tuesday: Happy little surprises…

I woke up feeling very meh on Tuesday and so I was delighted to discover that I had an unopened perfume sample sitting on my dresser to make my day smell extra sweet.

Isn’t that just the best feeling when you find something you had forgotten about? If you are looking for a new scent, this stuff is SO good. I can’t handle perfume that is very strong so rest assured that this one won’t leave you gagging. It’s got the Megan Hallier seal of approval.

Also on an unrelated note, can we just take a second to appreciate the person who invented dry shampoo. What a hero am I right?

Wednesday: Flu shots and odd thoughts…

I finally got around to getting my flu shot this week which wasn’t nearly as bad as I was making it out to be in my head. But the funny thing is that after I got the shot every weird ache, pain or thought I blamed on the injection. I mean the nurse said I might feel a little achy or tired or crave chocolate (no that last one was just me.)

My arm was a little sore but the weird side effect she didn’t mention was the hallucinations. This girl in a grey sweater walked past me and I could have sworn I saw a rhino but when I looked up it was a girl of course. On second thoughts, maybe I should stay away from the caffeine.

Thursday: The best lab of my degree…

It’s not often you will hear me raving about a lab (read: never.) But this week we got to taste test chocolate! And not even budget chocolate like I was expecting after the awful cookies they gave us (artificial butter is a taste that you don’t forget in a hurry bleugh.) But no, they brought out the good stuff.

In my humble opinion, Whittaker’s make the best chocolate by far. Do you get Whittaker’s where you are? It’s a NZ brand so I’m probably a little biased too.

Friday: Flat warming…

3 months after moving in, my brother finally had his flat warming. It was a really great time. I’m not one for big, loud parties or going out after 9pm on a weeknight but I stretched myself with this one.

My brother and I played a round of beer pong (actually water pong) but unfortunately we were off our game. Earlier on in the week I went around to drop off some stuff at his place and got roped into a practice game of beer pong and got mocked mercilessly for my throwing technique (it’s all in the wrist I’m telling ya!) It seems like our practice didn’t really pay off.

I also lost multiple games of Snap because card games are not my strong suit (see what I did there?)

So that was my week. ICYMI, here is what I posted about this week:

M x

Now tell me…

What do I do with the air plants?

What is your favourite brand and flavour of chocolate?


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    1. Ooh that’s interesting, I had no idea. I think I want mine to stay relatively small. I’m just wondering how I should pot them. At the moment they are just casually chilling on my desk with the rest of my clutter.

  1. I have never seen anything like the air plants. Sorry you’re feeling gloomy Megan, but I’m glad you found so many reasons to be thankful and rejoice. I’m glad that you didn’t get sick either. And this ‘Besides being an unsympathetic, unhelpful Florence Nightingale, here’s what else I’ve been up to this week…’ made me smile, because I am kind of an unsympathetic nurse too. I’m just not like my mom, who is super sympathetic; I’ve learned a lot from her. <3

    Oh yes, and Whittaker's Chocolate. If I ever come there to NZ, I need to bring a whole separate suitcase for it. We had some friends from NZ come here and leave about 3-4 bars of it. Wow. . . I've never had chocolate like that in the U.S. Cadbury is also one of my favorites too. We buy so many bars of Cadbury when we're in Europe. 😀

    1. Yes I’m so thankful I didn’t get sick too! You totally will need a whole other suitcase for it, that chocolate is addictive! It’s a shame they don’t export it to the US. Cadbury is not nearly as nice here. I wonder if it is nicer in Europe.

  2. when are you done with school? thinking of you! just finished up my semester. coffee with granny does sound so nice. glad you got to spend time with her 🙂

    1. Aw thanks Lyss. I’ve still got about 4 weeks and then exams until my semester is done. I can’t wait for the break! But I also can’t wait because I’ve only got one more semester left until I graduate!

  3. Your brother’s party sounds fun! And how sweet that you got to visit with your grandmother. I don’t have an air plant, but I think they are so cool! Good luck with it!

  4. HAHA yesss I would never admit it to my husband (esp. bc I’m the most whiny sick person), but he does the same thing when he’s sick! It’s as if a sore throat is a symptom of inevitable death 😉

    My mother-in-law has the same air plants–those are so cute!!

    1. Haha it’s a hilarious thing that all men do that. I’m getting kind of attached to my airplants but I still haven’t figured out what to do with them yet.

  5. I kill plants that require no tending whatsoever, so I definitely can’t advise you there! Black thumb, this girl. But it looks really neat! And the Whittakers logo looks familiar, but the name doesn’t ring a bell. Makes me wish we did, though! We probably do, I’m just a Godiva snob. Do you have that? Also – laughed out loud at imagining your flat last week. I’m probably more of a baby than my husband is, so I don’t think I have room to talk:)!

    1. Omg you should totally get an airplant then because they are the most low maintenance plants I’ve ever owned. They just sit there and grow without any soil and only get a teeny bit of water when I remember to water them. When I come visit you one day I’ll have to bring some Whittaker’s chocolate because it is fantastic. We don’t get Godiva here! I have tried it though when we visited the US a couple of years ago.

  6. Those air plants sound very confusing. I like Whittakers and Cadbury chocolate – but Whittakers used to be the gluten free option and Cadbury was not and that’s what I opted for – but now it’s not gluten free either!

    But usually I’m a lindt dark chocolate girl! We only really buy milk chocolate for recipes!

    1. The airplants are so weird. I was hoping someone would give me some advice but nobody seems to know what the heck you do with them. Oh that sucks! I’m sure my flatmate eats Whittakers and he is coeliac as well so I’m gonna have to check this! Yes! Lindt dark chocolate is the best!

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