Behind the scenes of that Instagram photo #4

Hey friends!

Welcome to a new week. Did you have a good weekend? I feel extra relaxed because I went back home to visit my parents this weekend and took Monday off. Can three day weekends always be a thing please and thank you! I took my Mum to the park on Sunday and made her be my photographer so I could frolick in the autumn leaves. It was really fun (for me anyway.) Mum had this uncanny knack for capturing me with my eyes closed though. This got me thinking, it’s about time I shared a little behind the scenes action with you all again…so here we are!

So today we are taking a wee sneak peek behind the scenes of my Instagram photos, because there is so much more than what you see!

If you have never seen one of these posts before, make sure to check out post one, two and three as well!

Instagram is really fun, but what you see isn't always the whole story. There is so much more that goes on behind the scenes. So step into the photo and hear the story behind each of my insta snaps.

Behind the scenes of that Instagram…

First up we have the classic donut photo. Call me crazy but I’m almost certain that every blogger has a pic of a donut on their Instagram feed. So I figured it must be the defining feature of a real blogger and naturally had to join in the fun. I thought this was my very first ever donut picture which I proudly told everyone, but apparently it actually wasn’t.

I posted this one three weeks earlier. So much for that!

So I picked up these soaps from the Go Green expo a couple of weeks back in Auckland. I won tickets to the expo which I was hella excited about because winning stuff is awesome but when I got there I discovered this thing was waaaay more alternative than I was expecting!

There were stalls selling those magnetic healing bracelets, crystals and the crowning jewel of it all…roasted crickets! Who just casually munches on roasted crickets? Not me!

I did try one however (because I am no whimp) and they just tasted like disappointing, powdery popcorn. Meh it wasn’t a life changing experience.

My friend had her birthday party and it was a 2000’s themed dress up. So I took that to mean come dressed as someone from the 2000’s era and I picked Mia from the Princess diaries because it meant I got to wear a tiara. Apparently, that was NOT what the theme meant.

We were supposed to dress up in the sort of clothes we wore in the 2000’s doh! So picture this: me dressed as a princess surrounded by emos, surfer guys and preppy neon girls. Awkward!

Our small group used to always meet on a Saturdays in the city and on this particular Saturday the rain was torrential. I did not feel like going out in that awful weather so tried to protest our meeting time and postpone it however, the others thought I was being dramatic and overruled me (I wasn’t and how rude!)

So I braved the horrid weather which had turned the streets into a literal river (again, not dramatic whatsoever) and I got completely drenched. We had a good time all the same but boy was I not impressed.

This was taken just before the Adele concert and we were so excited (as you can see.) There had been all kinds of warnings that the traffic getting to the concert was gonna be terrible so we purposefully got there super duper early. So we were sitting in our seats waiting for a pretty decent amount of time.

I made the mistake of going to the concert with two hardcore Adele fans who while we were waiting, kept grilling me about all the Adele facts I didn’t know (for shame.)

We also got kicked out of our seats because we accidentally sat in someone else’s oops. But turns out our actual seats were better anyway so no harm, no foul.

I visited my Gran for the weekend and we went out to dinner together which was the cutest thing ever. I think I may have exasperated the waiter a little because I could not for the life of me decide on which pizza option I wanted.

It took me far too long and then I somehow missed the back of the drinks menu so after he had spent ages recommending drinks to me and had gone to pour me a glass, I had to tell him I made the wrong choice.

He was obviously a seasoned pro though because he was all smiles. Doesn’t he know not to rush a lady while she is ordering?!

See I told you, a picture doesn’t always tell the full story.

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M x

Now tell me…

Do you take ages to order food?

Are you a super-fan of anything or anyone?


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  1. I always love these posts 🙂 Good for you for trying a roasted cricket at the expo! I would have been way too wimpy for that, haha. Also can I tell you how much I love your planner?! I’ve seen it in a few of your pictures now and it’s absolutely adorable!

    I don’t usually take ages to order food because I’m such a creature of habit–I almost always order the same few things at my favorite restaurants 😛 I know they’re good and I don’t want to wind up with something I don’t like!

  2. I am ALWAYS in favor of three day weekends, I think the weeks would be so much more productive that way! And I might’ve laughed out loud at the imagine of you in a princess dress around everyone else- that’s like a scene from a movie yourself! I bet you looked darling:) That Adele concert looks like so much fun! You’d know more than I would, no doubt!

    1. You know what, I feel like a lot of my life is like a scene from a movie. I could make millions selling some of the ridiculous situations I find myself in. Don’t you worry though, I looked hella cute 😉 Adele was amazing!

  3. Haha! I love this! I love how honest you were! But for real, there is so much that goes on behind an Instagram photo! With me, especially since I am trying to make an IG aesthetic, it takes me like 15 minutes for ONE photo after shooting it, rearranging, adjusting the lighting, editing, posting, and then coming up with a caption lol! I am tempted to make another IG to post all the everyday moments on. Also, the part about munching on crickets had me LOLing so hard! It is weird that people munch on things like that!;)

    1. It is hilarious how much goes on behind the scenes! Sometimes I re-take a photo like 5 times before I’ll post it. I have a personal account to post ugly random photos on which is kinda fun. Right? Crickets are a bit of a weird snack (and SO expensive!)

  4. If someone called me dramatic I would have been so offended, haha! I mean, someone can be dramatic but you don’t need to say that!

    I usually take ages to order food – but only because if I’m ever eating out and ordering food I’m grilling the waiter and chef first to ensure I don’t get sick 😛

    1. Ha oh no they were just teasing me. I’m glad I’m not the only one who takes ages to order. But then again, you have a legitimate reason to take forever.
      P.S you are SO dramatic about the cold 😛 love you Kristy.

  5. YES. Big menus are so overwhelming because I can’t decide what I want to order. And I’m glad your seats were good, even though you got kicked out of your first ones. Also, behind the Instagram is actually a lot of work in some ways; I don’t know if I’ve ever taken a really good donut photo. I usually take them at night, which makes an incredibly ‘yellow’ light around the donut. 😀

    1. Ooh yeah it’s almost worse when there are a lot of options. It’s so hard to choose! Yeah taking photos with natural lighting is key. But sometimes it is so hard, especially when in winter when natural lighting is very limited! You just do your best!

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