The week in review

Hey friends!

So this post is going up a little late because I got up super duper early this morning to run my quarter marathon (applause is mandatory.) I’m not gonna say too much because I’ll spill all the deets in tomorrow’s ‘Weekly Whimsy’ email (sign up for that right here!) But let’s just say I did waaaay better than I was expecting and now I feel like I’m on top of the world. I’m invincible. I am strong, fierce and ready for anything. I am also lying flat on my couch like a deflated balloon 😉 What a champ.

Here is what I have been up to this week…

Monday: First day back…

University started again this week. The first day back is always a drag. Lucky for me, class only started at 11am so I could snooze a little.

There is only one way to get through Monday and first-day-back blues, and that is coffee. Lots and lots of coffee. 

It’s funny because this my my third year at university and I’m only just finding all these cute little spots on campus. I never went out and explored the campus in my first year, I mostly stuck to the safety of my dorm room and hall (can anyone say introvert?) But now I am making it my goal to try and find the best coffee spot on campus before I graduate.

This is definitely not an excuse I made up to buy more coffee.

Tuesday: Flat dinner…

My flat all cooks separately and so we have decided we need to have more flat dinners together to bond and what not (cute right?)

But oh my goodness is it difficult to co-ordinate 4 peoples schedules to find one night to eat dinner together! What is up with that? Why does adulthood mean everyone is too busy all of a sudden? It sucks.

Anyway, we finally managed to have our dinner and it was pretty darn fab (if I say so myself being the cook.) It started out a little rocky because we suspected one of our flatmates had been abducted or got lost because he was nowhere to be found and had left his phone behind. Luckily he eventually turned up in time for the enchilada bake I made (so good, try it ASAP!)

Wednesday: A cheeky pup…

I literally did nothing interesting on Wednesday so I’m gonna share something my dog got up to instead.

My grandparents had visitors around for afternoon tea so they made up this lovely plate of cakes and biscuits for them. They went out for a couple of hours to show their friends some of the pretty sights around town and when they arrived home, the cake platter had been wiped clean by one very sneaky dog.

Everyone says chocolate is bad for dogs but mine has had a fair bit in his day because he is the biggest rascal! Maybe it is all the chocolate that has affected the part of his brain which tells him not to bark. Look at that sweet face though…can’t say mad at that!

Thursday: Job training…

I have some really exciting news…I’ve got a new (part time) job! EEP!

I am so stoked. It’s with The Collective, a yoghurt company which I have actually fallen in love with.

This week I got a little intro into the company and the products they produce so I am basically gushing about them 24/7. The awesome part is that I will be doing the promotional samplings in supermarkets which I personally think is a great job. It’s on the list of jobs that people won’t hate you for. Everyone loves getting free food right?

Jobs you wouldn’t like to have include (but are not limited to): parking meter watcher, dentist or one of those people who stops on you the street to have a 10 minute conversation about wells in Africa when you are running late for class.

Friday: Roadtrippin’ and frappucino sippin’…

I travelled back home to stay with my parents for the weekend because I ran my quarter marathon today (whoop whoop.) It was the longest I’ve ever driven by myself which was quite an achievement. I don’t mind driving long distances but I always get so stiff and uncomfortable.

I learnt some very valuable lessons on this trip: a) wear comfortable shoes for long drives so your feet don’t get sore (I need to get a pair of driving moccasins because I am 100 years old.) b) don’t drink coffee before departure or you WILL need a pit-stop. c) check the fuel deals before filling up the car with gas (if I had spent $2 more I would have saved a bunch oops.)

Also, Starbucks had a happy hour every afternoon this week where they were selling half price frappucinos. I have been tempted every single day but the line was always soooo long. I finally made a stop on my way home and the store was nearly empty which made my day.

Anyway, that was my week. ICYMI, here is what I posted about this week:

M x

Now tell me…

What is your favourite Starbucks drink?

What is your ultimate road trip snack?



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  1. Ahh I love your blog! I just stumbled across it. I just adore your writing. Congrats on the new job! How exciting. Hmmmm favorite starbucks drink= Almond milk Misto! and ultimate road trip snack- ah, what can beat trailmix?! I also love boom chicka pop and no-cow/quest bars!

    1. Thank you so much Mackenzie, you are too sweet! I’ve never tried that Starbucks drink, but it sounds pretty great. We don’t get boom chicka pop here but I’m assuming that is chickpeas?

    1. Thanks Julia, I’m considering doing a half marathon at the end of the year now but I’m a little anxious about that. 21km is SO far! I definitely enjoyed my relaxing post-run day.

  2. My all time fave Starbucks drink is a soy caramel latte. #yummm For roadtripping- I honestly can’t say I have a favorite! I choose on a whim for each trip. 🙂

    This was so much fun to read! 🙂 *scurries off to binge read*

  3. Ok… so your description of your feelings after the race was so perfect. 😀 I loved how you used it to make an email newsletter too. We need to do a race together someday if the Lord wills!

    It’s lovely that you got to do a flat dinner; dinners always seem to be really good at bringing people together and bonding them.

  4. Also, your cheeky pup is adorable; your story about chocolate reminds me of our beagle (that died at 14 years old) eating a pretty big section of my brother’s chocolate cake; because she was a pretty sneaky pup. She lived about 7 years after that.

  5. Wait, your dog doesn’t bark? Like ever? I’m kind of jealous because our two are way too noisy! Chanel is currently sitting in my bedroom poking her head out the window (don’t worry, fly screens in!) and barking at kids and parents walking home from school….

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