Monthly must-reads! (and ugly crying in the car)

Hey friends!

You know what we haven’t done in ages? A Monday must-reads. How sad. As a blogger I spend A LOT of time trolling the internet, reading other blogs and I’m always blown away by how much creativity and inspiration is out there. Google holds the answer to just about every question you can think of. I don’t know how our parents and grandparents survived without it!

Anyway, I decided that I am bringing Monday must-reads back but having it once a month: a monthly must-reads.

Because there is too much good stuff on the internet that I gotta share it with you!


Hi, My name is Megan and I have an online shopping addiction. Seriously, university has made me pick up some terrible habits. I can’t help myself. Especially when you get the sales notifications sent right to email inbox…what’s a girl to do?

Yes yes yes and amen. Isn’t it just such a struggle in life to not compare ourselves to others? I know it’s not just me. Especially when there is something you are striving for and you see others already there, holding your dream in their hands while you continue to grasp at thin air.

But remember this: stay in your lane and be a cheerleader of others. You have something unique to offer, don’t let jealousy distract you from your own journey.


Seriously, sometimes being an adult is exhausting. Which I found out yesterday as I was ugly crying on the car ride home from church (see below for the rest of that story.) But don’t fear friend. You are not alone.

I need all the advice I can get when it comes to surviving my twenties. And that’s the beautiful thing about friends and mentors…you get to learn from their mistakes! Thanks Caitlin for taking one for the team, we love you.

Self care:

Overwhelm, something I am oh too familiar with. It can feel like you are drowning and there is no cute lifeguard or floatation device in sight. If you are feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and remember these things.

Who else is a busy busy bee right about now? Yep same same. But being busy doesn’t mean you can’t take care of yourself. In fact, when you are busy you SHOULD prioritize self care even more to avoid burning out.

Remember: self care isn’t selfish. You can’t pour from an empty cup!


I have recently realized that I have been setting these crazy high expectations for my friends and getting really disappointed by none of them being good enough. I have learnt that being a better friend is something we can ALL work on. Sometimes we gotta hold our friends at arm’s length and extend grace towards them.

It’s like my old mate Bob Marley says: “Truth is…everybody is gonna hurt you, you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.”

Everybody lets you just gotta find the ones worth hurting for. Click To Tweet

Currently I am 100% a single pringle but this post still felt really relevant to me. Society often teaches us to belittle and undermine men when it comes to “un-manly” things like washing dishes or housework.

But that’s not a biblical attitude and it sure as heck isn’t one I want to live with.


This is just beautiful. God’s love is everywhere and when you seek him with all of your heart you really will find Him, right Emily?

For the laughs:

I am #blessed with how great my flatmates are, but number 20 (lack of ventilation when cooking fish) is definitely a cause of consternation among us. One of my flatmates is a vegetarian and says that he smells fish much stronger than the rest of us, so whenever we cook it he is less than impressed.

One time he had his washing hanging up in the lounge and fish was cooked…and he then had to walk around in fishy smelling clothes, I wish you could have seen his face!

And lastly, a little lesson I have learnt recently.

Megan’s moment…

So there I was driving home from church ugly crying…but why? This is gonna sound completely pathetic and wimpy of me but it was because of a parking garage.

You see, my church is right in the city centre so they hire out a parking garage for us (muchas gracias.) But the thing is that this parking garage is like something out of my worst nightmare. It is a two-storey block of solid concrete hell.

There are poles in arbitrary places, small concrete ledges, tight corners and iron grates. It feels like it was literally designed to test your driving ability and I am afraid I am lacking in that area.

Last time I drove out I got my tyre caught on the edge and the hubcap fell off and I have been having nightmares about it ever since (I wish I was kidding.)

So the entire church service I was panicking. I could hardly concentrate and by the time I got back to my car I had worked myself up into such a state that I was shaking. You might think I was being a little dramatic…but let me tell you, this parking garage has inflicted much damage on cars over it’s lifetime…it has the battle scars to prove it.

This is the first time in my life that I have said “Jesus take the wheel” and meant it literally (we can all laugh about that now.) Somehow I got out of that wretched place…praise the Lord and then had a teensy meltdown.

But you know what, I’m not embarrassed about my little wobbly (okay maybe a little.) I have learnt that I can do hard things. I can overcome what seems impossible. I can trust God. What seems hard now will become easier over time.

Here’s to facing our fears and becoming better people because of it!

Here's to facing our fears and becoming better people because of it! Click To Tweet

M x

Now tell me…

Have you had any little meltdowns recently?

What did you do in the weekend?


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  1. I’ve loved the “community over competition” mantra ever since I first heard someone talk about it and I think it applies so well to so many areas of our lives, from blogging to the work world!

  2. You have quite a good collection of posts here! I’ve been loving Erica’s lately, and that life lessons in your twenties hit home. Also 10 ways to be a better friend- that’s something I know I always need to be intentional about- I ashamedly can let opportunities to do just that pass me by. And you shared the post that had me ugly crying;), (apparently it still makes me do so ha) Some of those just stick with you, you know?

    1. I love all of Erica’s stuff, she is a gem. I’m totally with you on that being a better friend goal. For me that looks like actually taking a step back and not clinging so tightly to my friendships. That post you wrote was so beautiful. I love how there is so much healing that can come from writing and spilling our guts. <3

  3. Community over competition; I LOVE that. I’ve been learning just how the blogger community can really lift one another up instead of competing; I really love that each blogger has something so unique and different to offer. I love your candid, truthful way of telling stories. I know exactly what you mean by a meltdown; that happens to me when I get really overwhelmed by everything I think I have to do or when I’m really tired.

    1. I love the blogger community. I honestly feel so blessed to have got to know so many wonderful people. And as for that meltdown, it has made me feel so much better to know I’m not the only one who has those moments!

    1. Same girl, same. Adulting is real hard. I hope your stress dies down a bit and you find a little bit of joy today. Thanks for reading Melissa!

  4. Oh you poor thing. That parking garage sounds horrid – but hooray for getting through the whole ordeal!

    I haven’t had a meltdown in a while, but that probably means the next one will be huge and unreasonable haha!

  5. Parking garages are the WORST! Thanks for all those great reads! Can’t wait to check them out.

    (Also, your blog wasn’t listed on your disqus profile so it was hard to find after you left so many sweet comments on my blog…but now obviously I’m subscribing so I won’t have to search again 😉 )

    1. Right?! They are horrible. I hope you enjoyed some of these reads.
      Also, thanks so much for the heads up about my Disquis profile! I’ve fixed that now so I shouldn’t be so difficult to find anymore.

  6. UGH. parking garages are the worst. You know what else is the worst? Parallel parking. Anything that requires any sort of precision – no. We just should not do it. Now I will admit, the thought of self-driving cars freaks me out. But self parking cars? Yes please. Dude these links are wonderful! Bookmarking them all for a little pick me up today. You tha best <3

  7. Yay for Monday must-reads! I need all the adulting advice I can get right about now 😛 I especially loved the “50 lessons for your 20s” post.

    Lots of stressful moments lately, but no meltdowns (yet)… just wait until we start the whole moving process though. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to share then!

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