13 small adulting wins you should be celebrating

Hey friends!

So I’m currently sitting in the library staring out the window and sulking a little cause it is my first day back at uni and I am NOT happy about it. I feel like study is up there with wearing those shoes that gave me blisters again in my list of stuff I really don’t wanna do right now. Since I got back to Auckland we’ve already had a rat problem, a broken washing machine and a leaky freezer (although to be fair that was kinda my fault for leaving the door open oops.) And if you are anything like me, then you will feel the stress and strain of all these adult responsibilities.

So I thought today we would take the time to pat ourselves on the back and celebrate the small adulting victories that we accomplish everyday. Grab your stickers and lollipops…you have done such a great job!

Celebrating the small adulting wins…

Doing your laundry before you run out of clean socks

With our broken washing machine, I have been forced to wash things by hand which makes me a) super picky about how dirty something is before throwing it in the wash basket and b) feel so sorry for our great, great grandmothers (their biceps must have been outta this world.)

Going to the dentist for your annual check-up

I am the biggest baby when it comes to doctors visits. But then again, nobody really likes having someone else’s hands in their mouth (correct me if I’m wrong.)

I actually think it is unfair that they don’t offer lollipops to adults after our appointments. We deserve it after all the scratching, drilling and disgusting tasting mouthwash.

Eating something other than cereal for dinner

Don’t get me wrong, Cheerios are 100% a food-group of their own…but there is something about a fully cooked meal that screams, “I’ve got my life together.”

Making an important phone call

Because my voice goes all weird and squeaky when I talk on the phone and I get so unreasonably nervous. Does anyone else rehearse their whole speech a few times before they dial the number?

But at least I’m not as bad as my darling mother who always forgets her own cell number and has to hang up, find it and then ring the person again. Love you mumma.

Remembering to fill your car up with gas

Breaking down on the motorway is not how you wanna spend your Monday.

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Owning an iron/blender/other non-essential small appliance

Yeah I’m afraid to say I own none of the above. But I’m sure if I did I would feel pretty proud and self-accomplished. Good on you for having a wrinkle-free shirt and a green smoothie for breakfast.

Having more than $3 in your bank account

I don’t know where the money disappers to *cough* shoes *cough* but when you are actually saving instead of spending it all, it sure does feel good.

Paying your bills on time

It’s definitely not fun but I do appreciate the early payment discounts so it is worth it.

Remembering to brush your teeth in the morning

The thought of going to bed without brushing my teeth disgusts me, but somehow the morning routine doesn’t always happen. So I consider it a good day when my teeth are brushed twice (no wonder I hate the dentist.)

Owning underwear that doesn’t have flowers or butterflies on them

Not gonna lie, a good 50% of my underwear looks like a 12 year old girl’s, but since I’m the only one who sees them (apart from the neighbours when they are on the washing line) I don’t really mind.

Having a ‘signature’ dish

Nothing makes you feel more accomplished than whipping up something really fancy. Even better if it is something that looks really complicated and technical to create but is actually a breeze.

My signature dish is Tiramisu, which always impresses everyone but it is actually the easiest thing ever to make.

Getting more than 6 hours sleep

To be honest, this has never been a struggle for me (because I’m actually a Grandma.) But I totally understand why sleep can be difficult for some people, if you are up cramming all night or reading a really great book or you enjoy night jogs (one of my friends does this!)

But real adults know that the work/book/their legs (for running) will still be there in the morning and they NEED their sleep.

You kept your pot plants alive for another week.  

My goal last year was to have this lovely herb garden so I could use real herbs in my food and be all domestic and what-not but over summer they all died. But despite this minor set-back, I am gonna try get that herb garden happening this year.

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Good on you for keeping yourself alive another day. I really feel like we don’t give ourselves enough credit for all the exhausting little tasks we trudge through each day.

Pin it for later (to remind yourself how awesome you are!):

Adulting is hard and sometimes we forget all of the exhausting, grown-up stuff we do each day. This is a reminder to celebrate the little things we do each day that make us 20-something girls proper adults.

Also, if you need a little more help with this adulting stuff, there is a book that you will really love. Read my review here.

M x

Now tell me…

Which of these things do you struggle with the most?

If you could be a kid again for a day what would you do?


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  1. Megan. I NEEDED this post today. I am big time struggling with being a functioning adult. Dread allll the adultish phone calls that come with scheduling and planning and what not. And little steps like that, I need to be ok with celebrating. Also, tiramisu is my favorite! I went to the recipe, and was reminded once again of a difference in New Zealand and the United States- units of measurement:).My fitbit told me I got 4 hours of sleep last night, I think 6 hours would deserve a parade!

    1. I really really feel that. Sometimes you just wanna be a kid again right? Life was so much simpler. Oh yeah that’s true. It’s funny because I always get frustrated with American recipes because of your measurements! Thank goodness for Google because it converts it really easily.
      Oh no…4 hours is not alot! How are you functioning?

  2. YAY for more than 6 hours of sleep, and you just reminded me that I do need to go to the dentist; I’m afraid of having a cavity, but I’m being kind of a baby about it. O_O And I just brushed my teeth this morning; I almost never do, but I thought that was hilarious when I read that, and this was the first time I’ve done it in a while.

    Also making important phone calls is not always fun, but it’s so good for me.

    1. Oh uh, I finally made myself go to the dentist the other day…and it turns out I’m all healthy so that’s a relief. Haha well good on you for brushing those teeth!

    1. I agree! They are always like ‘rinse your mouth out now’ and I internally cringe because it’s more painful than the drilling/scraping.
      To be fair, I hate minty things so toothpaste and mouthwash always taste gross to me.

  3. This list is fantastic! I’ve been adulting for a bit longer than you have, but I forget to celebrate these small but very useful milestones. Time for an icecream!

    1. It’s so easy to forget all those small little battles we get through each day. I hope you enjoy that ice cream. Thanks for reading Elissa!

    1. Haha oh dear. I really hate the dentist that much too! I feel like it’s probably not the best thing to celebrate with sugar straight after getting your teeth cleaned…but I always got for a hot chocolate to perk myself up.

    1. Me too. I guess that is why I created it. To give us a little boost of confidence and joy knowing that we actually can do this adulting stuff!

  4. Megan, I love this list—perfect way to make me feel better about myself as an awkward adult! Haha

    And I just went to the dentist this week, so I think I’m doing pretty well.

    I also have a signature dish: shrimp with linguine and grape tomatoes and feta cheese. SO good!

    1. Haha girl same. I need a little pep talk every now and then to remind myself that I am doing okay at this adulting stuff! Ugh good on you, I HATE the dentist. Such a chore! Ooh your signature dish sounds incredible.

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