What’s happening in my world (september edition)

Hey friends!

It feels like it has been awhile since we have had a proper catch up. Sometimes I feel a little bogged down constantly trying to pump out great posts. I prefer to write about things that are inspiring or thought-provoking, rather than just fluff about me. But today we need a bit of fluff. I think since it is Friday we need a little break from the heavy, deep topics. So I’m gonna fill you in on what is new in my world…



Current book recommendation: Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist.

I’ve found the only way to make the semester more bearable when my classes are so dull is to fill up my spare time devouring books. I’ve read so many amazing books recently that it was hard to pick just one to recommend.

But if you are a lover of words, imagery and finding the beauty in everyday things then you will LOVE this book.

Current favourite song: Another man’s shoes- Drew Holcomb.

Don’t you love it when you come across a new artist that you just instantly can’t get enough of? I love this song because it’s super catchy but it also has a valuable lesson…you don’t know what someone else is going through until you walk a mile in their shoes. Don’t be too quick to judge!

Current favourite food: These no-bake oatmeal peanut butter bites.

You seriously NEED to try these. Roasted peanuts are life.


Current favourite workout: This SUP power yoga workout.

Before trying this I thought yoga was all zen and peacefulness…but after this workout I was a sweaty mess. Power yoga is hard guys!


Current need: To go grocery shopping.

This used to be my favourite thing ever when I lived at home. But that was because Mum and I would grab a coffee and chat beforehand and then take our time perusing the shelves.

Now it’s just a chore because I’m usually in a rush, lacking caffeine and flustered trying to decide if I need a 75 watt lightbulb or a 100 watt lightbulb. (FYI: I got the 100 and instantly regretted it because it’s so bright in my room now I could practically start tanning.)

Current craving: Cinnamon rolls.

How good do these look?…



Current excitement: SPRING IS HERE!

The days are getting warmer and longer finally. I can’t wait to not have to carry three extra jumpers and a scarf with me everyday.


Current procrastination: Studying for my test.

Anyone who thinks molecular biology and genetics are interesting have never studied molecular biology and genetics. It’s so boring that I think my succulent may have died while listening to the lecture recordings.

Currently laughing at: This…


Crying with laughter because is that not the most accurate thing ever?

Current confession: I talk out aloud to myself.

If you know me well, then this is old news to you.

But I realized this week that I actually have a problem. Because it has reached the point where I ask myself a question and then answer it. For a long time I actually thought everyone did this until my parents gently told me otherwise.

Currently thankful for: Sunsets and friendship.

On Saturday night my cousin and I hiked up a mountain (it’s really just a big hill) to watch the sunset. We laughed so much trying to eat our dinner as the wind whipped it off our forks!


So that is what’s new with me. How about you?

M x

Now tell me…

What are you up to this weekend?

What is your current favourite song/book/food?



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  1. Oh those cinnamon rolls look AMAZING! I haven’t had a cinnamon roll in forever. And LOL at the friend zone logo! That poor guy 😛

    My current favorite book is one called “Eating on the Wild Side” that I just finished; current food is dark chocolate because I ate all mine up and really want to run to the store and buy more right now, haha!

    1. I know right! If I didn’t have a test on monday I would totally be baking some this weekend! Hahahaha I think it’s hilarious.
      Ooh sounds like a good book. Mmm dark chocolate is my weakness too. I think you SHOULD run to the store and get some more 😛

  2. THOSE CINNAMON ROLLS. You’re making me want to go upstairs and start baking at 10 pm. 😀 And I love that we get to experience spring from you while we’re having fall here. 🙂

    Current favorite food from this week was probably the pumpkin blondies from Taylor at Food Faith Fit. SO SO GOOD! I had 2. 😀

    1. haha it’s never too late to bake right? It’s so cool that we have different seasons at the same time. You are all giving me fall envy though!
      Mmm pumpkin blondies sound delicious!

  3. Power yoga is definitely SO MUCH HARDER than it looks! Actually, yoga in general is. I remember when I got Jesse to do yoga the first time and he was all smug and “heh. this is so easy” only to have him get 10 minutes in and feel like he was dying hahaha!

  4. I need to go grocery shopping as well! That yoga workout looks so good and same with those pb bites!! I wish I had more time for baking

  5. I like these kind of breaks! It is always fun to learn of great books, new songs and laugh a bunch! Currently I have just finished reading “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover. I think she is one of my favorite authors and her last book got me all emotional. I also heard Red Dress by Magic! on the radio for the first time and I loved it!

    While I don’t talk to myself aloud, I talk to myself ALL THE TIME. I fear the time when we can read into other people’s minds…:)

    I hope you had a great start to the week! xxx

    1. I’m glad you liked this 🙂
      Ooh I might have to add that book to my list. My “to read” list is getting soooooo long.
      I think talking to yourself in your head ain’t so bad…at least nobody else can hear you!

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