10 things you don’t need in your life anymore

10 things you don't need in your life anymore

Hello friends!

Have you ever watched that TV show, ‘Hoarders?’ The one with the poor people who are completely incapable of recognizing the difference between trash and treasure. These people end up so obsessed by all of their precious belongings that they drown themselves in garbage, clutter and leftovers from the life they used to live.

By the end of an episode you feel decidedly grossed out and you can’t help but look at ways to de-clutter your own life.

Sure the ‘Hoarders’ example is an extreme case, but sometimes I think we can become a little to attached to the trash in our own lives.

There are some things that we cling onto that we think will bring back the past or fix our present, when in actual fact they are just taking up space and weighing us down.

So today I want to share some spring cleaning tips with you. Here are a bunch of things that I have removed from my own life. I want to encourage you to do the same.

10 things you don't need in your life anymore

10 things you don’t need in your life…

  1. Gossip magazines.

I grew up reading magazines. It started out with the innocent ‘Barbie’ magazine which were the coolest thing ever. But as I got older I progressed into the heavily marketed, plastic fantastic women’s magazines.

I could go on for ages about why I hate these magazines but I’ll try to keep it brief.

  • They teach us to obsess over our bodies and the way we look
  • They feed our greedy consumerism
  • They subtly influence our ideas of beauty and happiness.

This year I made a vow to myself to avoid gossip magazines altogether and you know what…I haven’t missed them even once. (Who cares if Jennifer Aniston is pregnant, or not, or got a dog, or ate a donut?)

2. “Fair weather friends”

This is a term my Mum uses to describe the kind of people who are only there for you when everything is going well and life is sunny, but as soon as the storm clouds roll in…they bolt.

They are the ones who you meet up with for a casual drink about 3 times a year and your conversation never moves past the surface level so you end up bored and awkwardly scrolling through Facebook.

Look, I love my friends. I’m not saying you should just cut people out of your life or not give people a chance because you have already met your friendship quota…but the way I see it, friendship takes a lot of work.

I only want the kind of friends who are gonna be there through thick and thin ( i.e full-blown ugly crying and Marley-and-Me sniffles.)

3. Socks with holes and tights with ladders

If you only know one thing about me, it should be my affinity for quirky socks. I don’t know when the collecting started, but I just can’t stop. So I really struggle to let go of my precious socks when they get ratty and old.

But in all honesty, why would you keep them? They just make your toe cold and make you feel grumpy every time you put them on and it pokes through.

And… you and I both know you aren’t going to use those laddered-tights to strain cheeses with. (Am I the only one who thinks this?)

4. Negative thinking

I’m an optimist (don’t you hate it when people say that? I hate it but I say it anyway.) I’m generally one of those people who looks on the bright side of life. One of my dearest friends nearly drives me nuts because she always counteracts my silver-linings. When I see sunshine, she sees the grey clouds looming.

But I think life is heartbreaking enough without you dragging yourself down. One of the greatest things you can be in life is a builder-upper.

Start with yourself. Look for loveliness in your life. Find the joy and cling to it.

5. Energy drinks

I don’t have a lot to say about this apart from energy drinks are gross.

Why anyone drinks them I will never understand. Coffee was invented for reason people.

6. A judgmental attitude

I know, I know. Mission impossible right? How can you look past a person’s actions or harsh words and love them anyway?

Here is the truth…if you love God then you must love people.

That means forgiving them for what they may have done to you. That means looking past the way they dress to see the person they are inside. That means getting down off your high horse and saying,“I’m sorry…I was wrong about you.”

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7. Social media accounts that make you feel jealous or inadequate.

If you find yourself constantly comparing your life to someone else’s, you end up missing out on your own.

If you are following someone who appears to have everything you don’t and that makes you jealous…stop following them.

In fact, if any account is less than inspirational or uplifting then don’t hesitate to hit the unfollow button.

8. Clothes that make you feel blah.

It’s tempting to hang on to clothes in the hopes that we will “fit into them” again or in case we possibly need them for a hideous dress-up party in the future.

But you don’t need to feel guilty when you see that dress hanging in your wardrobe that no longer fits you. Your body changes just like you do. Or maybe you feel guilty for a whole other reason, like maybe you went a little crazy and made a few too many impulse buys that you regret now.

Whatever the reason, guilt doesn’t belong in your closet and it is time to clear it out! Why would you wear anything that doesn’t make you feel fantastic? (or comfortable at very least.)

9. Old running shoes.

I know they are reeeeeally expensive and you are waiting for a sale and the store never has your size… but think of your joints!

You need those joints and knees and ankles for when you are an old lady (or man) taking salsa classes at your local community centre.

Be kind to yourself and get rid of those long-dead, beat up running shoes. Plus when you get new ones you will feel like you are flying (for the first five minutes.)

10. Impossibly high standards

I have talked about this before, as it is a surefire way to wind up disappointed with yourself and with other people.

I think it is a wonderfully noble thing to have goals and aspirations. I admire people who know what they want and go running after it. But sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves to overachieve that we end up crumbling.

Sometimes we put these demands on our friends that are too great and we end up sabotaging our relationships.

Don’t forget that we are all humans. We are all a little messy and we just need to give each other (and ourselves) a little grace.

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10 things you don't need in your life anymore

If you want more de-cluttering tips, check out Claire’s blog because this week she’s got some great stuff coming!

M x

Now tell me…

Which of these things are you gonna ditch?

Are you a hoarder?

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  1. Considering I’ve lived in three different places in the past six months, I’ve rapidly taken to the ideals of minimalism. I need to de-clutter all the time because I just cannot handle the mess of things I bring with me everywhere. It’s all so unnecessary! I, like you, had so many magazines growing up! My mom and I each had our own and we’d sit next to each other on the couch reading them. I loved that time growing up, but we’ve now transitioned into reading library books next to each other, which is an upgrade in more ways than one. We are actually feeding our brains knowledge AND we return the books. Takes up much less space!

    As for #7, I actually unfollowed a blogger’s instagram this morning for that very same reason. I was sitting in bed and the caption mentioned being done with a BBG workout and a three mile run and was already showered… There I was lying in bed and this was the first thing I saw. Yeah, that’s not healthy for my mentality AT all. I hated doing it because I love this person’s blog, but at the end of the day, my recovery is much more important. So I unfollowed and I feel much better for it.

    I loved this post! I love the mixture of tangible items and just spiritual wellbeing. I’m definitely sharing this on my blog! 🙂

    1. I love books. The library is one of my favourite places. It is so wonderful to be able to read and share stories from people all over the world.
      Good on you for unfollowing when you knew it wasn’t making you feel good. Sometimes I stick around longer than I should.
      Thanks for reading Julia!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my blog, Megan! 🙂 I’m excited to hopefully get my post on cutting down on Internet time up this weekend!

    In the past month, I’ve gotten rid of multiple pairs of hole-y socks, an old pair of sneakers, a bunch of clothes that don’t make me feel good wearing them, and I’ve unfollowed a bunch of social media accounts that weren’t doing me any mental good! I think that this is an awesome list–especially the tenth one. 🙂

    1. Any time <3 Oh well done on getting rid of the socks and old clothes. I really need to clear out my wardrobe too. Sometimes it is really hard getting rid of things that you wore and loved so much.

  3. Megan, wow, this is exactly what I’ve been learning. I feel so guilty unfollowing because I really don’t want people to think that it is anything personal, but I really want to be focused and a good friend, not one that flits from account to account, because there are so many that I can’t possibly keep up on them all. This post really came at a time when I was just struggling today to keep up with all. Every day I see my feebleness, and every day, I’m so grateful that God brings something from someone to remind me just how life can be so simple. <3 I hope I can be one of those friends that isn't a fair weather friend to you Megan, by God's grace.

    1. I feel guilty for unfollowing people sometimes too. But I totally agree, there isn’t enough time to make real connections with thousands and thousands of people!
      You definitely aren’t a fair weather friend Emily <3

  4. This is a really, really awesome post. I always make an effort to unfollow accounts that aren’t productive for my personal growth. Allll of these are really great tips, though! I pretty much need to incorporate all of them haha. Especially with college starting back up soon for me!
    I am so glad that I found your blog, I definitely will regularly be reading.
    – emma

  5. Loved this post so, so much! I totally agree with all of these things. I definitely have gotten rid of some of those types people in my life (your mom is right, that’s an amazing term for bad friends!).

  6. YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES (that’s ten times yes because I agree with every single thing). I am a big fan of decluttering – not just with “stuff” but with life in general! We often fill our lives with meaningless stuff, just like we fill our rooms or our bedside tables!

    1. haha thanks for all the yesses. Yup my bedside table is looking very cluttered. You’re gonna laugh but I’ve even got an ear of corn on my nightstand hahaha. My dad gave it to me on the day I moved into my flat. Apparently it is to make me feel like homesick and far away from the country 😛

  7. This is post is even better than I expected it to be!! I used to be the worst of hoarders, partially because I was very homesick when my family first moved to Australia and I wanted to hold onto everything that reminded me of our old life. I’ve been interested in minimalism for a while now, so I’d like to think I’m slowly overcoming my hoarding tendencies hahaha

    1. Oh thank you! I’m a pretty big hoarder too. I have several boxes in my room back home called “memory boxes” which are just filled with random bits of rubbish like tickets, shells, bookmarks and doodles.

  8. I totally love this post (+ will be sharing, Megan!). I currently have too many clothes and too much *stuff* in general, and too many tabs open…story of my life. Getting rid of tabs right this very second, and onto clothes next – you have inspired me!

    Coming Up Roses

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