What to do with leftover pumpkin

Hey friends!

Pumpkins are not a big deal in New Zealand. Autumn rolls around and the pumpkin prices drop suddenly but there is no fuss or excitement. There is no Pinterest frenzy or pumpkin-spiced lattes. I think that needs to change, don’t you?

So I was trying to think of a great pumpkin story that I could tell you to introduce this post, but literally the only thing I can think of about pumpkins is that they are extremely difficult to cut and very orange.

Doesn’t make for a very interesting post.

What we can talk about is how completely hopeless my sense of direction is.

Earlier this week I was meeting my friend at the zoo and that meant I had to catch a bus I’d never been on before. I had proudly Google-mapped my journey and thought I’d be fine.

Er nope. I did not do my father proud (he’s basically a walking GPS.) I missed the stop I was supposed to get off at and ended up getting off in a panic in the middle of nowhere. Then I had to backtrack to get to the correct road. And of course in the midst of my stressful escapade it started bucketing down.

It probably wouldn’t surprise you to know that I one of my very best talents is getting lost.

One story that gets brought up time and again in my family is the time I got lost in the bush.ย  ๐Ÿ™„

My friend and I had been playing in the garden and decided to go exploring in the forest behind our house. We got a bit excited by the fresh air, mossy trees and squishy carpet and ended up wandering in a little too deep.

Eventually we realized we were lost. Instead of tramping downhill until we found a stream or some sign of civilization, we kept walking in circles getting more and moreย frightened as the darkness settled in.

When my frantic dad finally found us and asked me which way our home was, I sheepishly pointed in the complete opposite direction.

So no I would not be an ideal contender for Survivor. Nor would you want to be lost with me in the bush because my survival skills consisted of waving my pink gumboot around in hope of being spotted.

Actually, come to think of it you probably don’t want to be lost with me anywhere because I am incapable to reading and understanding maps. Anyone else?

Anyway, let’s talk about something I can get excited about….

What to do with leftover pumpkin


Pumpkin lasagna rollsย – A whisk and two wands

Pumpkin couscous saladย – Southern in Law

Pumpkin Feta Couscous Salad

Pumpkin and roast vegetable soupย – Five bean foods

Pumpkin butter chickenย – Fairyburger

Pumpkin bagelsย – Food, pleasure and health


Pumpkin spiced curryย – This runners recipes

Pumpkin-stuffed dough ballsย – Cotter crunch


Pumpkin, chickpea coconut curryย – Emilie eats

Pumpkin soup for beginnersย – Myself

Pumpkin, feta and cashew pizzaย – Myself

pumpkin recipes, vegan, gluten free, sugar free, healthy

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Pear and pumpkin gingerbread loafLove me, Feed me

Pumpkin spiced baked oatmealย – Rachl Mansfield

Pumpkin pie trufflesThe real food rds


Pumpkin pie overnight oatsPilates, pearls and peanut butter

Pumpkin chocolate mousseMade to glow

Pumpkin pie smoothie bowlย – Chronicles of passion

Paleo pumpkin pancakesย – 24 carrot life


Pumpkin pie baked oatsย – Southern in Law

Pumpkin peanut butter, chocolate chip cookiesย – Skinny fitalicious


Pumpkin spiced protein pancakesย – A dancersliveit

Pumpkin, almond super seed butterย – The fit foodie mama

Pumpkin skillet cakeย The lean green bean


Pumpkin spiced granolaย – Fit mitten kitchen

2 minute flourless pumpkin sticky bunย – Athletic Avocado

Pumpkin oatmeal barsMy pink and green life

Pumpkin streusel barsย – Myself

pumpkin streusel bars

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M x

Now tell me…

If you were a pumpkin, which of these recipes would you be?

Are you any good at giving directions or reading maps?

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  1. Hahaha I have the WORST sense of direction too, though! My classic story is when I was on my way to a high school dance–all dressed up in a strapless dress and heels–and I got lost trying to find our photo-taking venue in my own hometown. I had to stop at the local grocery store to ask for help, and of course everyone was staring at me in my makeup and fancy clothes ๐Ÿ˜› #hopelesscase

    Thanks so much for including my recipe! ๐Ÿ˜€ I just went through and pinned a bunch of these because I loveee pumpkin–this is an awesome collection of recipes!

    1. Oh no that’s terrible. I hope you didn’t have to walk too far in your heels. They may look pretty, but they are never good walking shoes.
      Yay I’m glad someone appreciates pumpkin as much as me.

  2. All of these pumpkin recipes look amazing!! Pumpkin stuff is seriously my fave, but I Usually like to wait till fall time to indulge. I love pumpkin spice coffee or pumpkin spice lattes. SO yummy. Thanks for these recipes Megan!

  3. These all look sooooooooo good!

    I’m with you – pumpkin is totally underrated in Australia and New Zealand! And we eat it savoury which totally weirds out those in the northern hemisphere ๐Ÿ˜›

    I am really good with direction but Jesse? TOTALLY hopeless. I can usually figure out where I am even if I’m in a new place – but I usually have to give Jesse directions to places we’ve been 23050234023040 million times ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. Yup seriously underrated! Well at least one of you is good with directions! I thought men were supposed to have some sort of inner compass back from the cave men times when they were the hunters. Or maybe Jesse’s ancestors were the ones who stayed behind and made the fires or something ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Haha! This post made be laugh because I am actually good at directions but my dad is completely helpless. HE is usually the one pointing in the OPPOSITE direction! We always joke that if we ever participated in the amazing race show, he would drive ( I am baaaad at driving) and I would be in charge of directions.

    I have eaten pumpkin twice and didn’t really liked it. Over here, it is not that common so I think we don’t know how to cook it (or cut it) but I would say the pizza image is making me try it a third time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. That’s cute. I would be absolutely rubbish at the amazing race! What!? I can’t believe you have only eaten pumpkin twice! To be fair, when I was growing up I always hated it. It was always the last thing to go on my plate because I hoped it would kind of magically disappear or I could say I was too full and get to leave it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. hahaha, I love this. I don’t think I’d be a good contender for Survivor either, but I’d like to think I mightt survive for a couple days(?)!

    I tend to associate pumpkin with autumn/winter, but you’re making me want to make a bunch of these right now! ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks for including my recipe too!

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