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Hi friends!

Winter has arrived down under and I’m not too pleased about it. As soon as the windows start fogging up in the mornings, my heart starts to sink. I wish I could say I was one of those girls who wore winter well, with their cute knitted beanies and thermoses ever-filled with tea. But I’m usually sporting a bright pink nose, wind-swept hair and a grimace. I also tend to go overboard with the layers and end up arriving everywhere a hot, sweaty mess.


I suppose it’s not all doom and gloom though. I get to wear cozy slippers, drink hot cocoa and it always makes for great small talk on the bus…

“Ooh isn’t it chilly today?”

“Brrr, absolutely freezing!” 

“I love your polar bear mittens.” 

“Oh thank you, I love your rabbit beanie.”

Sure the beach is nice and all, but you don’t see many people walking around with animal themed swim wear…

I’d love to know how you feel about winter.

Are you one of those people who smiles gleefully on grey, drizzly days? Or even worse…gets excited by a thunderstorm. (We had several of those in the past week and let’s just say I didn’t take them too well. Rather like those poor animals who are locked inside all by themselves and destroy everything. Except I just curled up under my desk and hid until the storm passed.)

Or…are you a sensible, sane person whose heart is a-flutter at the sight of clear blue skies. Do you skip along in the sunshine and find everything suddenly much brighter and more beautiful?

I think we need to decide this once and for all…is winter or summer better?

My monday must reads…

Emotional health:

Spiritual health:

Physical health:

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What I learnt this week:

There is always something to be thankful for.

It’s oh so easy to get caught up in the busyness and stresses of life and feel like nothing is going well for you. But when you really make a conscious effort, you will begin to notice how many lovely blessings are in each day.

The warm sunshine on your back, a stranger smiling at you on a bus, a beautiful flower blooming on the sidewalk.

“Become an observer and appreciator of beauty and you will surely find it.”- Me 

M x

Now tell me…

Winter or summer? 

What’s a blessing you have experienced this week?

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  1. Eeee!! When I saw the “FRIENDS” workout I thought, WHOA someone else stole my workout idea! Then I clicked it. Nope. It’s mine! And perfect timing, because I’m watching Friends this. exact. very. moment. I can almost get a core workout from laughing so hard at the hilariousness! Right now I’m watching the episode where Ross & Rachel got married in Vegas. It might be my new favorite! (My first favorite is They Know That We Know That They Know!” LOL.) Thanks for these lovely reads, and for featuring a few of my posts! <3

  2. You know I do not do winter well either and I am currently sitting here with leggings under my jeans, a long sleeve top under my knitted jumper AND a leather jacket over the top of all that and fingerless gloves on my fingers that convert into mittens as I’m just about to leave the house and head out in the cold 😛

    Thank you for featuring my recipe, lovely girl! I hope it’s not too chilly for you today! xo

    1. I’ve got so many layers on it isn’t funny! I can’t believe that it is only the first day of winter today…eeek we have a long three months ahead of us!

  3. I loved the “How to Become a High-Value Person” post! I’m going to try some of her tips as I’m definitely guilty of not prioritizing myself enough. As for winter, I have a difficult relationship with it, haha. Some years I love it and others I hate it! But that’s probably because our winters involve five or so months where there’s snow and ice and it doesn’t get above freezing 😛 I think I’d dislike it less if I didn’t live somewhere so frigid!

    1. That’s awesome Claire. You definitely deserve some time for yourself. Haha I guess I really shouldn’t complain that much about winter because we don’t even get snow here! But in some ways that just makes it worse because it is cold and grey with nothing pretty and exciting to cheer us up!

  4. Great reads! Loved Emily’s post on why we carry guilt. Also loved the post on 6 reasons to skip your workout. Very refreshing as all we see now is articles promoting pushing yourself to workout no matter what the circumstances are. Thanks for giving me some more great things to read Megan!

    1. I loved that post too! I’m only just getting used to the idea that I don’t have to workout every single day. Rest and relaxation is just as important. I’m glad you enjoyed these reads.

  5. For a moment, I was so confused about the winter comment, but then I realized you live in a different hemisphere! I’m dealing with May Gray right now so it’s murky over here too.

    Summer all the way here!

    Blessing this week: reconnecting with an old friend!

    1. Haha oops in future posts I should probably mention that I live down at the bottom of the world. Sometimes it feels like the world revolves around the US because all our holidays and stuff are themed with your seasons not ours.
      I’m glad you got to connect with your friend again, it is always lovely when that happens!

  6. I was confused just like Julia – but I totally get it now. Haha! And THANKS for sharing my post girlfriend!! I’m so glad you liked it enough to include in this great mix. Now off to read the rest…!

    Coming Up Roses

    1. Yeah I didn’t even think about the other half of the world going into summer! Thanks for reading Erica, I’m a big fan of your work!

  7. I somehow stumbled upon your blog and I think I am staying! 🙂 I had a good laugh reading your post. If I have to pick I say that I like a rainy summer day. I don’t do well in warm weather so when it rains I just love the fresh and clean air that is left behind! 🙂 Now I am going to read all those links…

    1. You just totally made my day. Ooh I do love that fresh feeling outside when the rain clears. Thanks for reading Elsie, I hope I’ll see you around here again!

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