Monday must-reads!

Hello friends!

I hope you had a marvelous Easter. I went home for the weekend with the very best intentions of using my break to study, finish my assignments and hang out with my family. I managed to do not a lot of the former, and probably a tad too much of the latter.

I do have the excuse that our internet was mind-numbingly slow. There were far too many distractions like hot cross buns and chocolate eggs. And I managed to pick up a whopper of a cold which has decided to stick around (lucky me.)

I did manage to find time to organize a family easter egg hunt #priorities.

Some of our party thought that an adult easter egg hunt would be beneath them but they were still zipping around the garden with all the enthusiasm they could muster.

I even managed to get the Grannies in on the action. So I’d say it was pretty successful.

Every year my mother says, “Next year I’m definitely going to cut back on the easter eggs.” And surprise, surprise every year we still end up with a mountain of chocolate (not that I’m complaining or course.)

So will all the hustle and bustle my blog was thoroughly neglected 🙁

I hope you can find a way to forgive me.

I’m afraid I am a little late posting this for my fellow Southern-hemisphere dwellers, however hopefully it’s still Monday up north.

All the same, these are some excellent reads…

My Monday must-reads:

Emotional health:


Spiritual health:


Physical health:


I’d better get back to moaning while I drown in tissues and study notes.

M x

Now tell me…

Did you have an easter egg hunt?

What is your favourite kind of chocolate?

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  1. Oh dear! I hope you feel better soon, Megan! I love love loved the post from The Blissful Balance. So much truth and so many good tips in there. And I am a dark chocolate kind of girl all the way! (I’m actually just munching on my Lindt bunny now as I’m writing this! :P)

    1. That was an awesome post. I’m definitely a dark chocolate fan too. Lindt bunnies are the best, I’ve got three to keep me going till next year!

  2. Great reads Megan! Glad you had a great Easter. Best of luck with the rest of your studying- you got this!! Have a great rest of your week.

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