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Hello friends!

It’s a brand spanking new week and I’m very excited because it’s Easter this weekend. We get a nice break from uni for a few days and I’m heading home to relax with my family. I’ve got a super yummy chocolate slice recipe for you as well as some rambles. I have a longer commute into uni this year and I use my time wisely. I’ve been pondering all sorts of things on my journeys and I thought I’d share my musings with you all…

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University is an eye-opening experience.

To start with, you are surrounding by geniuses everyday. I’m talking- budding Einsteins, Newtons and Shakespeares here.

Is it just me who can’t quote Hamlet, doesn’t know where Eleuthera is and hasn’t seen the entire Star Wars series?

I feel like I’ve been living under some sort of rock for the past decade. While the rest of the world watched movies, read books and laughed at cat videos, was I in a coma?

It makes me wonder…maybe nobody understands this stuff, they just do a quick Google search to sound intelligent or nod their head in agreement to hide their ignorance.

My friend Nina did a post called 39 questions I have for bloggers, which was hilarious. So I decided to write my own version in this post…

10 questions I have for college students:

1. How do you fit everything into that teeny-tiny, trendy handbag? My big, ugly backpack is stuffed to the seams and that’s on a good day.

2. How did you have time in high school to learn 3 languages, take piano and violin lessons and study university level math.

3. Since when are sneakers and jeans cool? Or it is only black Nikes that are acceptable?

4. How can you afford all those Starbucks lattes?

5. Do you actually use all those textbooks? Is it even humanly possible to read that much information?

6. Does anyone actually go to club meetings? (I only signed up for the free stuff)

7.  Are you really taking notes on your laptop in lectures? #busted

8. Does having every colour highlighter make you feel superior? (guilty as charged)

9. Does going clubbing every weekend make studying easier?

10. Do you actually remember anything you have learnt? Or do you feel like you just wasted three years of your life?

Feel free to answer any/all of the above.

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Since it is Easter this week, I couldn’t let the opportunity to share a chocolate recipe slip by.

Chocolatebounty slice

This slice is kinda like a bounty chocolate bar (if you get those where you are from.) It’s a celebration of coconut and chocolate and all things that are right with the world.



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What I learnt this week:

Your attitude can make or break you. When you choose to have a positive mindset and look for the good things in your day, you will find happiness even in the darkest times.

The reality is, you can’t control every situation. I can’t change the fact I have awful papers this semester, but instead of slumping in my seat and switching off in lectures, I’m choosing to do my best. I’m looking for something to be grateful for each day.

I dare you to do the same.

M x

Now tell me…

Have you seen the entire Star Wars series?

Do you have any questions you’d like to ask students?


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  1. I REALLY need that recipe in my life right now. And no, clubbing on the weekends makes Sundays/Mondays the worst. Don’t do it. (Granted, I only went out a few times when I was a student and it’s gross and sweaty and when you’re the only sober one it’s awful so I don’t suggest it.) How to afford lattes: PRIORITIES. Don’t buy your textbooks, rent them. You don’t really read them that much, and then you can buy a latte. Everyone may *look* like they’re a genius, but they’re just as cautious as you are. Happy chocolate eating and thank you for sharing my post! 🙂

  2. That chocolate slice looks totally yummy! And I can vouch for the textbook question that there have been terms where I buy textbooks but never actually open them! So wasteful, but I have the best intentions… 😛

    1. Thanks Claire. I’m so bad I never buy the textbooks because I know I’m not gonna read them. There’s so much reading to do without even opening them!

  3. Oh. My. God. I want to to know the answer to EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THOSE. QUESTIONS.

    Uni is such an eye opening experience that it can be quite overwhelming at first! 😉

    Love your reflection at the end as per usual, and the chocolate bars look promising too!!

    Have a wonderful week x

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