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What to do when you feel burnt-out

Hey friends!

I am sick. It started out with an unbearably sore throat on Thursday and come Sunday I was struggling to muster the energy to move out of bed. This is possibly the worse time to get sick, right in the midst of exam season. When I need…

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The week in review

Hello friends!

I feel like I have been running around like a headless chicken all week (well mostly just yesterday but still.) You know that feeling when all you want to do is take a long, peaceful bubble bath and listen to some smooth jazz? Since…

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Never will I ever...

Hey friends!

Now I know Justin Bieber said ‘never say never’ (cause he was the first person to say that right?) but sorry Justin I’ve gotta tell ya, you’re wrong. There are some things that just won’t ever happen. I am 100% confident in this becau…

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Two habits of a serial relationship-killer

Hi friends!

There are plenty of things that ruin relationships…lack of communication, unfair expectations, cheating, spontaneously deciding to paint the walls lime green. And these things apply to all relationships be it your best friend, signif…

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The week in review

Hey friends!

So I’ve got a confession to make. I have become one of those people who checks the weather religiously every morning before I decide what to wear. I know, it’s so sad, I’m not even 20 yet and I’m already an old woman. Next I’ll be wea…

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Here’s a hint for navigating your way around my blog. My posts are divided into the three main categories that come together to create a healthy life:


  • Food– Here there are two ways to go. Food that nourishes your soul (tempting treats) and food that nourishes your body.
  • Fitness– learning to move in a way that feels good.



This is where I share how God has changed my life and the lessons he is teaching me.

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This is for posts about learning to cope your feelings and the struggles I face with mine.

I also share my journey to recovering from disordered eating.