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The week in review

Hello friends!

Happy weekend to you. Have you ever seen those memes that say ‘Jesus is coming, look busy’? Well that’s been me this week. I have had a lack of work and so have been trying to fill my days with interesting things to do. Last week I …

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You know it is Christmas when...

Hello friends!

Oh would you look at that…it is the first of December. Ho Ho how about that. If you can’t tell, I am positively beaming because Christmas is my favourite holiday and I finally get to express my joy without being told off for celeb…

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November book review: Adulting...

Hey friends!

The year is starting to wind down a bit and soon we will be reaching the holiday season. And you know what that means? Plenty of time to relax and de-stress or for those less fortunate, a perfect opportunity to watch mind-numbingly bo…

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11 productive things to do when you have free time

 Hey friends!

One of the most frustrating things in life is the way time is never on our side. When you are up to your eyeballs in work and deadlines, you seem to have no problem thinking of things you should or would rather be doing. Then once th…

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Heartbreak lessons: Moving on after a break-up

Hey friends!

This post is part two of my lessons on love, loss and broken hearts. In case you missed it, in my previous post I wrote about my recent heartbreak and how I learnt that telling someone you love them is always worth it, regardless of t…

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Here’s a hint for navigating your way around my blog. My posts are divided into the three main categories that come together to create a healthy life:


  • Food– Here there are two ways to go. Food that nourishes your soul (tempting treats) and food that nourishes your body.
  • Fitness– learning to move in a way that feels good.



This is where I share how God has changed my life and the lessons he is teaching me.

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This is for posts about learning to cope your feelings and the struggles I face with mine.

I also share my journey to recovering from disordered eating.