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The week in review

Hey friends!

Oh my gosh it is Friday. Can I get a ‘hallelujah?’ *praise hands* Yup I’m pretty pleased that this week is over. The funny thing about being at university is that you don’t actually get a weekend. Wait did I say funny…I meant tragic…

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Relationship advice: Married and still sane

Hi friends!

I’m wrapping up our relationship series with some pearls of wisdom about marriage. Unfortunately, in the time since my last post I wasn’t able to meet a guy, get engaged and have our wedding so once again I had to call in some reinforc…

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My deepest fears and how I am overcoming them...

Hello friends!

I am very fast approaching the end of my teenage years. I’m not really sure whether I should be celebrating the fact I no longer will be lumped in the ‘kids’ category or weeping over the fact I will officially be an adult and thrus…

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What's happening in my world (september edition)

Hey friends!

It feels like it has been awhile since we have had a proper catch up. Sometimes I feel a little bogged down constantly trying to pump out great posts. I prefer to write about things that are inspiring or thought-provoking, rather than…

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Living in a society that breeds eating disorders

Hey friends!

I’ve had this post stored away for a little while now because it never felt like the right time to post it. However, after going home for the break and being faced with some of the same pressures and negative thoughts I felt when diso…

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Here’s a hint for navigating your way around my blog. My posts are divided into the three main categories that come together to create a healthy life:


  • Food– Here there are two ways to go. Food that nourishes your soul (tempting treats) and food that nourishes your body.
  • Fitness– learning to move in a way that feels good.



This is where I share how God has changed my life and the lessons he is teaching me.

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This is for posts about learning to cope your feelings and the struggles I face with mine.

I also share my journey to recovering from disordered eating.